Thursday, May 29, 2014

Travel Photo Thursday

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May 2009 - Beijing China

I've been posting our trip to China (out of sequence) that have inspired me to look back at our trip to China. Our trip was before I started blogging our travels.
Boarding our river cruise.
Laundry Day

Arriving in Beijing Day 1
Hutong  Day 3 morning
Great Wall of China Day 3 afternoon

Day 3 afternoon our guide decides we have time to stop by the 2008 Olympic grounds.

Pan Gu (or Pangu), is a seven star hotel built for the Olympics comprising an office tower, restaurants, apartments and shopping mall.

A fun spoof of Alan, our guide Sean and John.


  1. I loved your reference to out of sequence as I do that all the time. . .jumping from one thing to another. Keeps the reader paying attention I always say! Your photos are great - as usual.

  2. Lots of lovely memories there Jackie. Having a guide is wonderful.

  3. That stadium seems somewhat more dramatic in less formal photography.

  4. That stadium is still impressive. Great memories, Jackie!

  5. I love traveling in China...Isn't the bird's nest too cool?

  6. I saw the bird's nest, but don't remember seeing much else. The temperatures were outrageously hot when I was in Beijing. I can remember trying to cool down, constantly!


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