Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Travel Photo Thursday - Beijing!

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May 2009 - Beijing China

I posted some photos earlier this week (out of sequence) that have inspired me to look back at our trip to China.
Boarding our river cruise.
Laundry Day

Day 1

We arrived after 15 hour flight (not including stopover in Vancouver or flight delay leaving Vancouver)!

Local time was 3:30PM (time at home was 3:30AM).

We had to complete health forms and get our temperatures taken due to the swine flu. Temperature was taken via heat sensors. John was stopped and had to have his actual temperature taken by thermometer. He passed and we cleared customs, picked up baggage and stepped into a sea of tour guides holding up names! Found out tour guide Sean (go figure).

Into Honda SUV and headed for the hotel. Temperature was 31C. Super highways, very beautiful city. Arrived at the Sunworld Hotel Beijing and checked in.

 It was now about 5:30 PM so we decided to go out walking. We have past the point of being tired and are full of energy at this point.

Headed to Wanfujing St which is a huge shopping area for pedestrians. You name it and you could find it there!
As the sign says...

We stop for a beer in a sidewalk bar.

We then headed to the Night Market for some dinner sampling. Wow lots of scorpions, sea horse, star fish, snails etc on sticks. We had donuts (delicious) deep fried cabbage rolls and noodles.
I'll do a separate post on all the food available!

Back to the hotel to relax and hit bed around 11 PM having been up for 30 hours (not a record)!


  1. Remarkable shots, Jackie... and completely different from what I'm used to.

  2. What an experience. Loved hearing and seeing about your trip.

  3. Love the photos and your sequenced report. We were much like that when we travel to Europe from Seattle. And isn't it amazing how you get your second wind and bounce back. Loved the street scene photos!

  4. Up for 30 hours! That is a long time. At least it looks like you had wonderful seats on the plane. We didn't go to the Night Market when we were in Beijing, so I am looking forward to your post about what it is like. One of the good things about our own trip to Beijing is that it is the same time zone as us, so we had zero jetlag.


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