Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Travel Photo Thursday

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April 2014- Wickensburg AZ

This is a bustling delightful town with a vibrant downtown. We stopped for lunch and then spent some time wandering around.

An Austrian named Henry Wickenburg was one of the first prospectors. His efforts were rewarded with the discovery of the Vulture Mine, from which more than $30 million worth of gold has been dug.

Ranchers and farmers soon built homes along the fertile plain of the Hassayampa River. Together with the miners, they found the town of Wickenburg in 1863. Wickenburg was also the home of Jack Swilling, a prospector prospected in the Salt River Valley in 1867. Swilling conducted irrigation efforts in that area and helped ground the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

I saw a woman in front of me jump out of her skin as she went by this snake statue!!

Another piece of sidewalk art.

 Lunch at Nana's.

Gift shop.

 Love this name!


  1. A marvelous place... it's the statues that really grab my attention.

    I'd have to look twice at that snake!

  2. We've been there and loved the place as well! You brought back some great memories of this Most Western Town

  3. You've really captured the essence of this place quirky and a very cool western town - I just posted on a very quirky place I also visited recently.

  4. My favorite is the Wall Street sign.
    These signs tell me a lot about Wickenburg. Thank for the tour.

  5. I would have jumped a mile high and probably let out a scream upon seeing that snake statue. Then, I would have had to soothe my nerves by shopping in Cowgirl Bling Bling. The public art is great, too.


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