Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weekend Cooking

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May 2014 - Toronto ON

We went out for brunch last weekend with an old friend. We couldn't get into the place we had chosen, the lines were out the door. So we went to Joy Bistro, on Queen St E, where we had eaten once before.

This is a photo of mine which was absolutely delicious. I was a little skeptical of the combinations but it all worked.

Goat Cheese, Braised Tomato Eggs Benedict 13.47 2 soft poached eggs, basil braised tomatoes, goat cheese croquettes, Yukon gold rösti potato

sundried tomato hollandaise, arugula and parmesan cheese salad

No photo of what the others had (it was too blurry).

The others had:

Free Run Egg Omelette 12.41 wild mushroom, spinach, ricotta cheese, home fries, Fred’s bread
add to your omelette - Perth maple bacon 1.77
Plus a side order for someone who shall not be named:

The next time I am definitely going to
Upgrade to Root Vegetable Poutine parsnip, carrot + potato frites, roasted onion, parmesan cheese + Quebec curds, garlic chips, veal jus, chipotle sauce 3.73


  1. It all looks good... and that particularly goes for that dessert, I take it.

  2. Yummmmm. I don't know why, but I love going out to breakfast. Maybe because I rarely get the chance. I love the sound of all those dishes.

  3. sounds very good. I'll have to keep it in mind when next in Toronto.


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