Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekend Cooking - China

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May 2009 - Li River China
I posted some photos earlier this week (out of sequence) that have inspired me to look back at our trip to China.
Boarding our river cruise.
Laundry Day

Arriving in Beijing

Taken aboard our ship on our way to Yangshuo along the Li River. There was a Chinese buffet for lunch but our guide seated us at the "best" table and explained that in our honour they had arranged for a special Western (steak) meal for the four of us.
We were a little disappointed as we would have liked to try the buffet!!

The appetizer

Cooking lunch

As we cruise along the river - it is very misty.

We *forgot* to sample the snake wine!

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  1. The pics are fabulous and that meal looks yummy! Enjoy everything!

  2. Thanks, Micki, so bogged down at the moment taking a class on the weekends that I'm way behind in reading blogs!!

  3. Misty rivers...yes, that is how I picture China. The appetizer would be a whole meal for me. It looks so fresh.

  4. a appetizer looks delicious! i love the misty scene and the mountain silhouettes--beautiful.

  5. That is an amazing meal, on misty river cruise, awesome!

  6. what a perfect ride and munch the shrimp...looks very delish :-) Dropping late from last weeks FTF

  7. The appetizer plate is beautiful! Ummm, as far as the snake wine goes--I think I'll pass.

  8. That shrimp does look tasty and how funny that they made you steak.

  9. I'm with you - I would have been disappointed too! One of the things I love about traveling is trying all the local food! And - what in the world is that jar of snakes for??? Yuck!

  10. Jackie - lovely appetiser - but had to look away pronto from the snakes! Yeuck. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  11. Wow! Great pictures! That's so funny that you were served Western-style food instead of Chinese!

  12. How fun! Would love to do something like this someday...well except for trying the snake wine. I like to try many different foods, but that one looks more like it belongs in a biology classroom than in my stomach, LOL!

  13. Snake wine? I'll pass. Those shrimps look great, though. :)


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