Saturday, May 24, 2014

inSPIREd Sunday

October 2009 - Birmingham England

We finally had a rainy day after several warm fall days.

The most ancient of Birmingham's churches, St. Martin has been the focal point of the markets area since the 12th century. Inside is the oldest monument in the city, a 1325 effigy of the Lord of the Manor Sir William de Bermingham. The present building, with a stained glass window by Burne-Jones, dates from 1875. Home to the world's first change ringing peal of 16 bells. Grade II listed building. St. Martin has undergone a major refurbishment over the past five years.

Back on a nicer day.


  1. The architecture's amazing, right down to the carvings!

  2. Nice looking church. I wondered about the door onto the balcony. Looks like an outdoor pulpit or something. Rather odd.

  3. awesome spires!! sorry for the late comment. i've been out of town. take care. ( :


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