Monday, December 7, 2020

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Lane names are my new obsession as I wander the city.

Laneways, also known as alleys, are narrow streets that add to the diversity of the overall public space network, supporting the fine grain character of a city. ... Laneways can work as a network for pedestrians to navigate the city and build an overall identity for the city center.

Just 10 per cent of Toronto's more than 3,000 public laneways have a name. Usually the titles recognize community figures, events or local traditions, but many are delightfully strange with brilliant backstories.

Lane sign photo taken December 2020

The Al Green Sculpture park supposedly includes 18 statues and is located on Davisville Avenue, as well as in the immediate vicinity. It was founded by the entrepreneur (and later sculptor) Abraham "Al" Green, a project developer in Toronto, who was responsible for building the many apartment buildings on Davisville. His company was co-responsible for the choice of images produced by some sculptors for the district.

Guitar Player - Sculptor Al Green

Embrace - Al Green

People Helping People - Al Green

Touching Heaven Al Green

Leaning Torso - Al Green

Homage to a Higher Power - Al Green

Skysearch - Green/Kantaroff, 2000

Wind Bird - Sorel Etrog, 2003

Alat - Kosso Eloul, 1972

Landing Sculpture - Carl Lander, 1970

Double You - Kosso Eloul, 1970

Grande Odalisque (1) - Sorel Etrog, 1965

Memory Lane East end
Bistro Lane Yonge and Wellesley


  1. I especially like the metal sculptures.

  2. ...fabulous public art. Thanks you Mr Green, but not the A; Green that first came to mind. Thanks Jackie for coming to the party, have a healthy holiday!

  3. How fine to see someone who supported the arts. Perhaps a real street should be named for him rather than an alley.

  4. Some really marvelous art work!
    Thank you for sharing at

  5. I adore sculptures as public art form.

  6. Cool sculptures! I especially like Touching Heaven.

    Happy Wednesday, Jackie!

  7. Interesting. I love finding public art.

  8. Fun stuff, as sculpture gardens go. TFS!

  9. Those are some very creative pieces of artwork!

    Your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week is an exciting addition! Thanks for joining us!

  10. Fabulous array of statues Jackie.

  11. COOL sculptures! I really like the red ones.

  12. Dear Jackie I love Al Green's works and styles!!!


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