Monday, December 14, 2020

Monday Mural

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September 2020 - Toronto ON

Yorkville began a mural festival last year. Click here.

Artist: Jin Ke Wang

Jin Ke Wang has a strong passion for visual narratives and illustration. This OCAD U graduate used a Bell box located in the park to create a magical world that have a sense of drama and illusion.

Artist: Birdo

Toronto’s largest mural is located on the rooftop of Citipark Cumberland Parkade. Created by the artist “Birdo”, this hidden gem is Yorkville’s best cultural secret. Take the stairs or the elevator all the way up to the rooftop of the parking building and prepared to be amazed!

Artist: Kirsten McCrea

Go for a stroll on Old York Ln and enjoy a spectacular mural painted by Kristen McCrea. Located on a wall from the new Oxley Pub patio that faces the lane, Kirsten artist painted an abstract mural that presents a mix of colorful and playful patterns inspired by classic British textiles.

This replaces Mr. Brainwash's mural of last year.

Artist: JARUS

Right in front of the iconic Chanel store there’s a Bell box that the artist “JARUS” used as an urban canvas. His vision constantly reimagines how art can exist in public spaces.

I had posted this a few weeks ago while it was being painted.

Artist: Jacquie Comrie

Forbidden Togetherness is a mural that captures feelings of isolation during the pandemic. The colorful mural is located next to the famous Yorkville rock in the park and has plenty of cool spots around to enjoy a coffee and admire the work.

Aerial view of the park taken while looking at Birdo's mural.

Not quite Yorkville - Yonge and Charles.
This mural is located on the walls of the Anndore House Hotel, located on Charles Street. The illustration has the words “hang in there” in a big graffiti style font, with an illustration of a cat playfully hanging onto a clothesline.

Another stylized hoarding around a construction site on Yonge.


  1. I really like Jarus' bird painting.

  2. The most colourful neighbourhood that I have seen in a long time.

  3. Wow to all of these murals, specially the rooftop one, the bird and the flowers. That rooftop mural is stunning, what a pity you only get the full picture from the air. Thanks for contributing to Monday Murals Jackie.

  4. And you said I had a lot of murals in MY city. Yours are incredible. I especially love the Birdo seahorse, which looks SO different from the aerial view. I also like the wall of Forever Youge.

  5. ...lots of neat ones, the seahorse is my favorite.


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