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Murals and Treasures

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Lane names are my new obsession as I wander the city.

Laneways, also known as alleys, are narrow streets that add to the diversity of the overall public space network, supporting the fine grain character of a city. ... Laneways can work as a network for pedestrians to navigate the city and build an overall identity for the city center.

Just 10 per cent of Toronto's more than 3,000 public laneways have a name. Usually the titles recognize community figures, events or local traditions, but many are delightfully strange with brilliant backstories.

Luttrell Loop Lane Luttrell Avenue is probably best known for its Luttrell Loop, which served as the eastern terminus of the Toronto Transit Commission's city-spanning streetcar line. 

Opened in 1915 by the Toronto Civic Railway, then the TTC in 1922, the loop anchored a public transit service that ran from Jane Street in the west to Luttrell Avenue in the east. 

UPDATE September 2021 - photo taken at the Radial Railway Museum in Milton ON.

It provided vital access to east end Toronto and to the new Ford Motor car plant, which was a major source of employment in the area. 

In its heyday, the Loop's jam-packed streetcars would exit Danforth onto Kelvin Avenue, swing through the terminal behind the stores, and "loop" back onto Danforth via Luttrell, ready for the return trip west. 

The loop was a significant transit hub for decades. It was replaced when the extended Bloor-Danforth subway line opened in 1968. 

It is also known for some murals.

Artist - Luvsomone

Artist - Kim Therese Dolan

Artist - Anya Mielniczek

Paul Estrela, who passed away in 2004, came from Portugal as a boy, married an Italian woman, Carmen, and started Royal Beef butcher store with her in 1985.

AND it just so happened that when we lived in the east end this was our butcher of choice!!!

The laneway off Danforth Avenue, on Woodmount Avenue, the street where Vincenzina Angelone grew up on while she attended St. Brigid, is now officially known as Angelone Lane. After graduating from Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School, Vincenzina, known as Vincy, began her life-long career at St. Brigid. She retired in 2015 after 46 years of teaching, the second-longest serving teacher in the history of the TCDSB.


  1. City of Melbourne decided to name all lanes and alleys, and I think they are. Before that one business person stuck up his own lane name and called the local street directory company to inform them that they has missed the name of the lane, and the year following, there the name was on map.

  2. I enjoyed reading the background stories to the names of the lanes.
    The murals are great, I specially like the faces.
    Thanks fr participating in Monday Murals.

  3. Beautiful murals! That community must be art-loving as well as artistic.

    be well... mae at

  4. Our first house was near St. Brigid's which had the first kindergarten programme where my 4 yo sat on the steps there and insisted on waiting until September (in June!!). The principal came out and gave her a tour and promised there there would be a space for her.

    The memories you stir up Jackie!!


  5. What lovely murals, they are so striking and colourful.

  6. We don't have those here in the states, at least not to my knowledge. You certainly found some truly amazing murals, Jackie. Some are simply awesome. I especially liked the fence and gate with the birds. But they were all fabulous, especially the abstracts.

  7. ...the murals that Toronto has along these lane are amazing. If the Trump Plague ever ends I would love to see them for myself. Thanks Jackie for joining the party.

  8. Great way to decorate dull places!

  9. I'm chuckling because I'm trying to imagine a place with a homeowner's association having a stroke at the idea of something so startlingly different. Personally, I love it!
    Thanks for sharing at

  10. What fun wandering the lanes with you! I think the simple murals are the best. :)

    Thanks for sharing your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


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