Saturday, October 5, 2019

Cafe del Teatre

May 2019 - Barcelona Spain

October 2019 - Toronto ON

An overcast day as John headed out to St. Catherine's to see his grandson play hockey.
As I headed out it was warm but drizzling. I was taking the subway to Bathurst to see if I could find more of those delicious strawberries.

Started raining harder as I arrived home. The mums have just blossomed.

Not only strawberries but field tomatoes as well. I see bacon and tomato sandwiches and whipped cream in our future.

When John came in we spent the afternoon watching movies.
With our library cards we can borrow movies online. We are allowed eight movies each, a month, but we don't take enough advantage of it. But then, we record a lot of movies and sometimes even rent one from our cable company.
The Hero

For dinner I made a lamb curry that was more like a korma with grain free flat bread, meh, wouldn't make the bread again.

Sunday was a Suzy Homemaker kind of day. John went back to watch hockey and I got into a cleaning/baking mode.
First I cleaned out the vegetable bins in the fridge and then made soup from the bag of frozen beef and leftover vegetables. Then I had bought labels for my spices so I attached those while taking stock of what I needed to replenish.
Then I used up an apple, apple butter, figs and orange juice that I had in these morning glory muffins.
Repotted a plant and that used up the rest of the bag of earth on the balcony, which I also cleaned up.
I prepped a beef heart for dinner using the slow cooker and whipped some cream to go with the strawberries.

We rented Yesterday directed by Danny Boyle. Fun, light-hearted fantasy with the songs being the major attraction.

Monday was a gorgeous day and John golfed while I picked up fish for dinner and poked in a couple of stores.

Dinner was ahi tuna and salmon steaks with strawberry salad and goat cheese with honey.

Tuesday was a really hot day for the start of October but thunderstorms were forecasted for the afternoon so we changed our plans and went out to Dundas West to find the murals listed as the Dundas West Open Air Museum.

Lovebot painted 2016.

Cat and Mouse - commissioned in 2015 by the “Elite” plumbing.

Roots of Hope

Some cool shop names.

On the side of Dacor Terminal and Marina's Interior Design. Located in the neighbourhood for over 40 years, the legend began with a man from Portugal selling carpets out of his car. Now a store, Dacor Terminal sells wood flooring, seating puffs, and rugs from India, Iran, Morocco and Turkey. The store even has vintage Moroccan wedding clothes used in traditional weddings.

We chose Good Fork on a whim, knowing nothing about it. We will definitely be back.

Mango lemonade, yeppers, I will be making this.

More strolling eastward on Dundas West.

Down a lane.

Pink Panther by Matt Gondek (@gondekdraws)

One Day Creates for M and M Grocery on Dovercourt as we went south to Queen St. to head home before the thunderstorms came.

Yup, we beat it home.

Back downtown for theatre at 8 PM.

Duluth, Minnesota. 1934. A community living on a knife-edge huddle together in the local guesthouse.
The owner, Nick, owes more money than he can ever repay, his wife Elizabeth is losing her mind, and their daughter Marianne is carrying a child no-one will account for. When a preacher selling bibles and a boxer looking for a comeback show up in the middle of the night, things start to spiral beyond the point of no return…
Award-winning playwright Conor McPherson beautifully weaves the iconic songbook of Bob Dylan into this powerful new show full of hope, heartbreak, and soul.

The cast were direct from the London and New York runs and were incredible. I would watch this again!

More songs from the soundtrack.

Wednesday and John's last golf game of the scheduled season was rained out but they had their banquet in the evening.

Thursday still sprinkling, I met up with my BFF and we (I) went coat shopping.
Then we had a bite to eat and checked out some more stores.

A different view from MEC on Queen St. West looking towards Front St. and the Skydome.

Halloween costumes.


HomeSense had some interesting decorations.

John took this at Queen and Victoria.


Friday the sun came out and John golfed.

I just picked up some groceries for the weekend. The new branding and TV screen is up at SoctiaBank Arena, formerly ACC Air Canada Centre.

John captured the changing colours on the golf course, another week or so and they will be brilliant.


Bang Bang 2018 Ossington Ave
Taiyaki NYC Japanese Dundas W
Dainties Macaron ice cream macaron sandwich Spadina
Arctic Bites Thai stir fried ice cream rolls Baldwin St.
The Dessert Kitchen chocolate fondue Harbord St.
iHalo Krunch Queen St. W
Cafe Bora Yorkville 
Not Your Mother's Vegan Queen St. W
LeTAO College St. W
Bloom Cafe Yonge St.
Nadege Bakery Queen St. W at Trinity Bellwoods
Poop Cafe Bloor St. W


I came across this short story dispenser this week in between two buildings in the PATH.

The Short Story Dispenser offers intellectual breaks to enchant readers, while enabling businesses with lengthy wait times to improve upon their customer experience.

Put a story where people gather in your business, surprise them poetically and encourage interaction, so they leave with a smile.

With the Short Story Dispenser, you can improve your customer relationship by transforming the low points of their experience (having to wait, feeling ignored, impatience, etc.) into highlights (surprise, smiles, a great read).

Finished The News Where You Are and really liked it.

Started  Finished the historical fiction After the Party and loved it. It took me a while to realize it was based on a real person, Oswald Mosley, founder of the British Union of Fascists..  Here is a great review in the Spectator.

Once finished, you realize there are two meanings to the word "party".

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  1. Jackie,
    One day I will have to get to Toronto, in the mean time I am enjoying your adventures and photos! Love the tomatoes and strawberries, the wall art graffiti, and all the Halloween get ups!

  2. As always, I love your wrap-up posts. I think that elephant in the attic sign is so cool. It took me a second to spot the brain/elephant. I smiled at the legs on the planters -- fun!. The Spanish hash looks good (I have a craving now), and we have the last of farmers' market tomatoes in the house. I think BLT is the way to go. The "sun came out" photo is stunning.

  3. Cool. What a varied and adventurous travelogue and food post combo (pinned it). Visiting you from Beth Fish's Weekend Cooking. Wishing you many more colorful adventures and be well.

  4. The cat and mouse mural draws my eye. I just wish taggers would leave such things alone.

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  6. Gorgeous colorful photos and I love that short story dispenser--so fun!

  7. The theater is glorious. I love seeing all the flowers.

    Your town does it up big for Halloween. I bet you will see more as you get closer to it.

    And how about that Short Story Dispenser?! I can see a lot of places that could use a machine like that.

    Have a great week!

  8. Some nice finds here, Jackie. Love the planter with the gents and ladies legs :) :)

  9. The short story dispenser is so interesting! What a novel idea! Did you go to the hair studio? Because I did last week:) To remedy a bad haircut two weeks ago, it made me look 20 years older, so this was good money spent! Oh, about a cool idea - I really liked the planters where they painted legs/ pants, and shoes! A nice addition to the grey:) Many thanks for sharing your lively week -experience of the season -much appreciated! Have an awesome week, Jackie.


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