Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Dutch's Tuesday Photo Challenge

Tourism - share some of your favorite spots from among your travels and tell us a bit about why you enjoyed it!

To single out one spot in all our travels....that is a hard choice.

We've been lucky to have been numerous places and had many great experiences. Road trips, river cruises, independent treks, winters south, hot air balloons, trains...

John and I chatted about this and finally selected the Sounds of Silence dinner at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Australia.

A path took us to an uninterrupted, three hundred and sixty degree view of this vast landscape.

In front of us is the fabled Uluru, behind are the domes of Kata Tjuta.

It began with began with canapes and chilled sparkling wine served under the canopy of the desert night.
Australian wine, what could be better?

As the sun set and darkness fell, we listened to the sound of a didgeridoo.

Cheers! Slainte! Salute! Prost!Salud! Будем здоровы! Santé!Proost!

Jackie’s trip to visit fabled Uluru is chronicled in her post in Junk Boat Travels, which looks like it was truly amazing!


  1. Instantly recognisable red dirt and a nice evening by the look of it. Out of respect to the wishes of the local aborigines, climbing Ayers Rock is soon to end but in the meantime hundreds daily are trying to make the climb.


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