Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Dutch's Tuesday Photo Challenge

 I hate large grocery chains. We have a couple close by, Sobey's and Metro that we use when in a pinch or hurry.We don't do a weekly grocery shop but rather shop around. Toronto is so diverse that depending on what we want we can find it.

I can drop into Longo's anytime as the shuttle stops on Front St. I can easily run into Longo's. Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc., commonly known as just Longo's, is a family-run grocery chain in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Ontario, Canada.
It carries everything and also has gluten free options.

I guess even the cops on horseback shop here!

St. Lawrence Market is a big tourist spot and has everything from meat to fruits and vegetables to pastries to flowers to bulk items.
It is also a great lunch spot as there are many eating options.
I've posted countless photos of the market so some of these are repeats.

We have Kensington Market.

We have Chinatown.

Then we have Lanzarotta's, closer to home, for fruits and vegetables as well. They claim to source directly from local farms but also carry absolutely every fruit and vegetable you can think of.

I could go on and on, Little Korea, Little India, Little Italy, Little Portugal you can shop your way around the world within a streetcar or subway ride.

Dutch's comment:
Jackie takes us to a fancy market in Toronto in her post in Junk Boat Travels, where the food looks good enough to eat!


  1. Such a big market where one can find almost anything! I would love to visit this market.

  2. I have never been in the St. Lawrence Market.

  3. HI, surprise !! Just thought I would come over and say HI.. I did a blog post the other day , as i acquired a little Notebook to do blogging etc. Was looking through my Blog Rolls and saw that you were still blogging. Well done to you. Wow , it would take me forever to get round . I love going into different supermarkets when abroad, bit weird , but it is very interesting . Certainly would take forever to get around all that you have mentioned. All looks fab. Take care Anne


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