Monday, December 4, 2017

One a Day

September 2017 - Rapid City SD

Click on this link to get the background on the City of Presidents that I am showing daily.

There is no particular order to my posts.

07. Andrew Jackson

The country's 7th president was born in the Carolinas in 1767, but now stands at the corner of Mt. Rushmore Rd. & Main St. Jackson started studying law in his late teens, became a lawyer in Tennessee and was eventually the first man elected from Tennessee to the House of Representatives. He was also a major general in the War of 1812, becoming a national hero for defeating the British at New Orleans. Jackson also served in the 1st Seminole War and he survived an assassination attempt. He is lauded as the first "citizen-president" and is often acknowledged for representing the common man. Because of his strong character and notable military background, Jackson is shown in military garb with his arms firmly crossed.

Sculptor: James Michael Maher

03 Jefferson
04 Madison
05 Monroe
06 Adams
08 Van Buren
09 Harrison
10 Tyler
11 Polk
14 Pierce
15 Buchanan
16 Lincoln
17 Johnson
18 Grant
19 Hayes
20 Garfield
21 Arthur
22 Cleveland
23 Harrison
24 Cleveland
25 McKinley
26 Roosevelt
27 Taft
30 Coolidge
31 Hoover
32 Roosevelt
33 Truman
34 Eisenhower
35 Kennedy
36 Johnson
37 Nixon
38 Ford
39 Carter
40 Reagan
41 Bush Sr.
42 Clinton
43 Bush Jr

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