Saturday, December 2, 2017

inSPIREd Sunday

December 2016 - St. Augustine FL

Ancient City Baptist Church was first organized in 1887. It consisted of 18 charter members who met in the Armory of the old Genovar Opera House. In 1894, however, Henry Flagler offered the church a parcel of land (worth about $5,000 at the time) to build on at no charge. Flagler stipulated that the church body could not mortgage the property, that they would agree to never put a bell in the bell tower, and, most importantly, that construction of the church would be completed within two years. The Ancient City Baptist Church building was completed in April 1895. The church is in the Romanesque Revival architectural style, with a cone-shaped turret on top of a three-story tower.


  1. ...a tower without a bell, how sad!

  2. I wonder what he had against bells?!
    The round tower is unusual.

  3. Nice building but I note cracks in the tower, least they were not caused by the bells Hb


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