Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Cheer

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Six Word Saturday

After company last night we tidied up and ate leftovers for dinner.

One Word Sunday
Shadow Shot Sunday
Inspired Sunday

Our usual laze about day.

Monday Mural
Foto Tunes

Spotted this beauty in Brookfield Place.

Made these coconut flour cranberry lemon muffins, I doubled the recipe to get a dozen. There is only 1 tablespoon of sugar in them.


We went to see The Vikings at the Royal Ontario Museum ROM. This was not what I expect from the ROM, poor layout in the flow, and just generally lackluster.

However, we did see the Dior exhibit, to John's horror, and it was excellent.

Celebrating the House of Christian Dior’s 70th anniversary, Christian Dior features a selection of breathtaking designs from daytime to evening wear for grand occasions, and explores how and why Christian Dior’s iconic lines, luxury textiles, and romantic embroideries laid the foundation for the global success of the fashion house.
These are just timeless pieces!

Much more to John's taste was the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

One hundred all-new images from across the globe reveal fascinating animal behaviour, otherworldly marine scenes, and breathtaking landscapes—in ways the human eye might never see unaided.

No photography allowed, this is from the ROM website.

The tree outside the Gardiner (we'd been to their 12 Trees of Light last week) was lit when we came out of the ROM.


It ended up being a marathon grocery shopping day to avoid the crowds later in the week.

Saw this delivery truck and discovered they are a restaurant specializing in roast chicken. Gotta check it out.

We used a gluten free cheese pizza from Costco to make our own. We topped it with peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms and more mozzarella cheese and it was good.


We dropped off a gift to our financial advisor and listened to the Canadian Opera Company perform Christmas carols at Union Station.
These girls were amazing singers.

then met up with good friends for a Christmas lunch at O and B's.

It was a great time catching up and eating some great food, 3 steak frites and 1 shrimp pasta along with desserts!

And John got a present from our friends' daughters. gluten free cookies!

We quickly checked out a new sculpture in Berczy Park.

There is a new public artwork/kids play structure, “Jacob’s Ladder” in the park green-space.

Designed by Toronto artist Luis Jacob, the artwork encompasses two giant bronze hands, with a rope lattice suspended between the fingers, forming a whimsical string game. It’s perfect for climbing, swinging, playing, or a backdrop for a casual badminton game or a great ‘selfie’ photo moment. The installation, including the intricate rope-work, will be completed by late November, with a public unveiling planned for Spring 2018.

We got home and a friend called to say she was coming by with some gluten free cookies she had bought at a local bakery Sanremo! Talk about being spoiled.

Friday Finds
Weekend Reflections

We got some snow overnight.
John made a last run to Costco and I waited for the plumber to fix our bedroom thermostat. He hadn't come by 1 so I went out and John waited.
I had a few last minute errands to do and it was absolutely crazy in the stores, obviously everyone had finished work at noon downtown!

We decided to have pizza again to use up some of the stuff, we added salami and onions to it as well.


I need to do my ear-end count!!

I finished A Great Reckoning another Louise Penny. Well written and a good plot.

I also finished an older Ruth Rendell, A Demon In My View is set in the late 60s was a scary insight into the head of a sociopath.

I started The Woman Upstairs and almost put it down but I am sticking with it. I like getting inside a woman's head. I'm not totally sure how it will end.

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  1. I would love to see that Viking exhibit! Good job on getting the GF cookies. Merry Christmas -- I'm looking forward to another year of hearing about your adventures near and far.

  2. ...Jackie, a Merry Christmas to you and John.

    1. Thanks Tom, Merry Christmas, joy and happiness to you and your family.

  3. I wonder if that's the same Viking exhibit that was at the Museum of History here. Some of it feels familiar.

    Things look well decorated for Christmas there!

    I'm rather behind in blog reading and commenting- technical issues, sufficed to say I'm not feeling very goodwill on earth to whoever invented photo captchas programming, but I'll catch up.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Interesting Viking stuff.

    best... mae at

  5. You have been busy! I love the black and red checked Dior dress. I could definitely wear that - though I doubt it’s my size …

    A very happy Christmas to you.

  6. Merry Christmas! Hope 2018 is good to you. Cheers

  7. I really enjoyed visiting the recreated Viking village on our trip to Newfoundland two years ago. My relatives on one side came from Norway. Crossing the sea and setting up a new home must have been a challenge. - Margy


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