Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Finds

Starts with R
Week's Favorite

The first two will be the same, except we’ll work our way through the alphabet. The second can be a favorite image or activity from the week. The third will be different each time.

Friday Finds ABC Wednesday

Letter R - I'm going to try to find cities/towns we've visited as the theme. I will exclude Canada and the US from this round.

I will keep a running list at the bottom of the Friday post.

October 2012 - Rudesheim am Rhein Germany

Click here for some delicious food pics.

Week's Favourite - it has been such a rainy week with lots more to come *sigh* so this store's window display was appropriate.

WINDOW - we have some renovation work taking place on the outside of our building. I took this last week (too rainy this week for them to work). We are on the 27th floor and they are about four stories higher. There are 46 floors so I can only imagine what it would be like!

A giant shadow cast by our building as I looked out the window.


  1. ...Rainy week, what an understatement.

    1. Agree, Tom and we're expecting flooding in some areas as we are expecting up to 90 mm (4 inches) before it stops. Lake Ontario is rising as well.

  2. Your building does cast quite a shadow. We're getting a lot of that rain too over the next three days. We don't need it- there's flooding along various parts of the Ottawa Valley.

  3. The rain has been ridiculous. Monsoon season in New Brunswick! The umbrella sure is a beautiful one, though! I just love the sign with the horse and carriage - how quaint!

  4. I love the fog in that first image. The umbrella is stunning! That is quite the impressive shadow from the building. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week.

  5. Isn't it nice working from a tall building!! That surely is a pretty umbrella.


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