Saturday, May 13, 2017

Easy as Pie

May 2017 - Toronto ON


I'm going to add this feature (when I remember) of weird/amazing house in Toronto and area.
Clown House

I finally finished the last episode of My Kitchen Rules Australia Season 8 all 48 shows!
Here's a link to the finale.

Saturday turned out to be a nice but chilly day. We didn't do much.
For dinner we had roast beef, gluten free Yorkshire pudding, gravy, mashed carrot and potato, mushy peas.

Sunday we lazed around until we went to a family dinner at 3 PM.


Salmon and chicken with grilled vegetables and quinoa were for mains.

Gluten free birthday cake in celebration of the various birthdays that have taken place since everyone was together. Cake was delicious and from Bunners who also have a gluten free cookbook.

Coming home the sun was reflecting off the city by the lake.

Monday was a dinner of leftovers.

Tuesday we set out to a new shopping area, for us, The Stock Yards. it's not far from us, has some good stores but wouldn't draw me there on a regular basis.
The parking area is huge, but the layout is too weird, more suited to a southern clime. You can't park in one space and visit all the stores as it is so spread out.
There is a great Bulk Barn, though, that I would come back to, although their store on King St carries the same products and is far more centrally located for me.

I found this photo at BlogTO.

Tthe Bulk Barn has a large and exotic spice selection.

It also has a very good gluten free selection, kept separate from the other bulk goods.
It is one of the few places I can find gluten free graham cracker crumbs so I see cheesecake on the menu this weekend.

Also excited to try this GF pizza crust blend.

Then a trip to St. Lawrence Market, no photos as we have been here so many times. Here's a link to a long post on the market from last summer.

Next was a quick stop at No Frills for some staples, but the coconut milk eluded us!

For dinner John made a Greek salad dressing from the Ted Reader cookbook.

 I couldn't find the actual recipe anywhere online so here's a photo!

We had Greek meatballs with tzatziki on pita. I used this recipe, loosely, and made them into meatballs which I baked in the oven.

Wednesday is the start of John's weekly men's golf day. I went looking for a new door mat as ours is looking a little dingy, it's been down since we moved in almost five years ago. No luck, though.

For dinner we had hamburgers.

Thursday John took the car in for an oil change and then we ran various errands including a stop at Lanzarotta's for vegetables. I also bought a herb garden.

We decided to tackle a recipe from the finale of My Kitchen Rules - Pork Vindaloo with Tumeric Cabbage. I have linked up my revised recipe. John and I each had a copy of the recipe, it is long! We divided the tasks as the recipe says it takes two hours prep and two hours to cook. I'd say we took about an hour of prep time in all.
This is spicy and delicious!

Friday was house cleaning, specifically pulling out the stove to clean under/behind. Cleaning the cutlery tray. All that exciting stuff!
John golfed.

\i dropped into a flower and craft show at Union Station.

Dinner was leftovers from last night accompanied by poppadoms (gluten free) and naan bread.

Started decluttering again. We did this before we moved 5 years ago but stuff just seems to accumulate.

A new, never used grill went to a niece.

1 2 3 bags of shredded papers - there will be lots more of this when I clean out the files.
5  10 cookbooks to charity
A bag of clothes and household linens to charity as well.
Threw out some instruction manuals - duplicates/not needed.
Extra milk holder
Plastic water glass
Threw out the two packets of edible crickets I got at a food event.
Mop handle
Coffee pods for making your own Keurigs. Never used.

A couple of gift bags found languishing in the back of a cupboard in the pantry.
My kitchen dustpan and brush had several cracks so it was replaced with a mundane $ store model.

Threw out some old manicure pieces - not used in forever! Also some plastic phone junk, covers.

My knitting project is also part of the decluttering, making use of the wool I have in the house. It's coming along, will be four strips of green and white.

I did add some stuff this week, another set of measuring spoons and cups as it just makes it easier if there are two of you cooking at the same time.

None done again this week! This is not like me at all. Seem to be doing other stuff instead.


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  1. I'm impressed with your decluttering and organization. Wow. *Almost* makes it worth going a week without reading.

  2. Your herb garden looks very promising -- I can't wait for my herbs to grow big enough to use!

    best... mae at

  3. Sounds like a productive week! The decluttering is impressive and it is always a little scary to look at all the stuff that's accumulated. Where does it all come from? We have a shopping center similar to the one you describe and while it's pretty I don't think it's the most functional. There's maybe 3 months out of the year that it can be used comfortably but in the summer walking 1/4 mile in 100 degree heat is hardly pleasant and if it rains I don't even bother.

  4. Sounds like you've been busy. I need to follow your good example! The herb garden is a good idea, too. So much better to be able to snip fresh herbs when you need them. I can't get over that clown house. Eeek!

  5. Love all those spices - it's difficult to buy them in bulk here and I worry that they aren't as fresh as they could be. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  6. I was doing a massive cleaning out too this past week. I played Let's prentend we're Moving and I culled out a closet and filing cabinet. You had a very productive time! Love the dinner photos, the appetizers sound great.

  7. Now I'm craving that Greek Salad and dressing! YUM!

  8. Love the sunset photo! I grew up in Rochester, NY, so we used to visit Toronto a lot...but I haven;t been there in decades - overdue for a visit!


    Book By Book

  9. Flowers and craft seem an odd thing to be showing at Union Station.

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