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May 2017 - Toronto ON

Dilapidated yet goes for $1 Million

And since it was a long weekend, Victoria Day here's some $10 million "cottages" so sit back and imagine sitting on the dock with a case of Two Four (that's Canadian for a case of beer).

It's even in the Urban Dictionary!

(Noun) A case of beer consisting of 24 bottles. Usually enough for one or two Canadians. "Case" or "Box" are seldom used in lieu of two-four. Popularly consumed with a candle light dinner.
Wife: "How's the Kraft Dinner, eh?"
Husband: "Good there. Would ya mind gettin us a couple more Moosehead outta the two-four? It's in the snowbank on the left, eh?"

Since we are celebrating Canada's 150th birthday this year here is some more expressions you'll need if you come to visit.

John captured this last week on the golf course! Always thinking of me LOL.

Saturday saw some serious cooking being done after a run to the Bulk Barn for semi-sweet chocolate and Lanzarotta's for fruit and vegetables.

Caught some murals on the drive.

I made a mango banana loaf because I had both wasting away. EPIC FAIL not sure if I didn't leave it in long enough even though a knife came out clean. The mango was stringy. Not going into my recipe box!

It's not Canadian beer but it is Canadian cider!

I made lamb curry even though I couldn't find some of the items like curry leaves or galangal. I will go to Little India or one of our Chinatowns to source these.

Spice mixture being sauteed.

I added onions, potatoes, and carrots. Mixture before the coconut milk was added and the whole dish cooked and the sauce simmered down.

The chocolate cheesecake, however, was perfect. The only thing I did differently was that I made my own gluten free pie crust so my pan was a lot bigger than their 6 oz, therefore my dark chocolate layer (1 cup) barely covered the bottom. So I added four more ounces of the semi-sweet chocolate to the remaining batter and ended up with an all chocolate cake.

I served it with fresh raspberry coulis that didn't require any cooking. Some fresh raspberries and whipped cream completed the dish.

We watched a movie with Donald Sutherland Citizen X.

Sunday dictates a lazy day and we had roast pork with mashed parsnips and potatoes with mushy peas for dinner.

John playing around with his camera!

Monday was a holiday and John golfed with a friend while I visited with my BFF. Since the stores were closed (horrors!!) we had to make do with a visit to a garden centre.

It was cool and cloudy so we were happy that this centre carries a huge selection of home decor inside.

I had been using my "real" large colander as a fruit bowl. I bought a cute white one to use and free up the real one.

 And there is lots of Canadiana stuff for sale.

Once the guys got back we went to dinner. Wings and fries for John and I, goat cheese pasta for my BFF and butter chicken for her husband.

Tuesday I set out on a mission to get a black sweater. It was one of those days when I could have bought everything in the place, to the point that I even messaged my BFF saying that.
I restrained myself to three sweaters for summer dresses.

Then I went to Bed Bath and Beyond as they were supposed to have the Spicy Shelf. They were out of them, so she ordered two for me with free shipping (she asked if I wanted to pick them up or have them shipped, duh!) since they didn't have them. Works for me. I received an e-mail that they were shipped so more when I get them.

While waiting, forever, at the cash I spotted a door mat I liked, not as big as my original one. But it would work.

I could have kept shopping but had to meet John for the 11:40 shuttle. After a lunch of warmed up chicken wings, we headed out.

John and his creative camera setting.

I arranged a place for my new plant.

Wednesday we headed out of town for a funeral. My BFF's sister had passed away after a valiant fight with leukemia. RIP Janice Hearns-Gordon.

It was a lovely day and we hadn't been to this part of Ontario, about two hours away. We had given ourselves plenty of time so we sat by the river.

What should have been a two-hour drive home turned out to be much longer when we suddenly heard this horrible noise coming from our car so we turned onto a side street. We were literally within a stone's throw of home.

It turned out to be a totally flat tire! We waited about thirty minutes for our 24-hour roadside assistance to arrive.
BTW that is NOT a scratch, not sure what that white line is!

We decided to order dinner, Swiss Chalet after all that.

Thursday was a gloomy horrible rainy day. I took this at 7AM and the traffic didn't get better and the rain got a lot worse as we headed downtown for various errands.

John was going to take the car into the dealer so he could golf on Friday but it was so awful out that he forfeited golf and would take the car on Friday morning.

Spotted while shopping.

I made a VERY spicy tomato soup with canned tomatoes, chicken stock, rice and I threw in the rinds from a Parmesan cheese as suggested by numerous blogers.

I baked the same orange yogurt loaf again.

For dinner I wanted to use up the leftover mashed parsnips and potatoes along with the mushy peas so I had picked up some pork chops. I used this mustard and rosemary recipe and John grilled them.

Friday I was up early and printed off the Doors Open buildings to decide which ones we wanted to visit over the two days. I think one day will be public transit and another driving.

John took the tire to be replaced, there was a 2 inch gash in it.

I cleaned like a whirling dervish!

Photo taken 2007 in Cairo!

We have an old friend from Montreal coming to visit and he is bringing friends of his. We went to the restaurant in our building. John had a steak and I had the veal marsala.

We'll be heading out to Doors Open this weekend.


Going slowly this week.
A couple of scarves
Soap dispenser

Finished Love May Fail meh, was ok.

Started The Widow and loving it even though I think I know where the story is going.


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  1. Oh wow. As always a great post full of so many interesting things. (Love your new header too.) That lamb dish has me drooling. Oh that looks so good. Love the Canadian slang and goods (pink maple leaves!). Great photos: I love it when things are blooming.

    Sorry that you had a funeral to attend.

    Love the idea of using your colander as a fruit bowl. So pretty.

  2. This post has me wanting wings and cheesecake! Luckily it's a lazy Saturday and I happen to have quite a bit of cream cheese so I can at least make the cheesecake happen! I love a few dreary days - especially if I don't have to go anywhere. The Widow is on my TBR. I hope you enjoyed it!

  3. I wonder if mango and banana are not a natural match together.

    Have fun at Doors Open! It's on here next weekend.

  4. I'm intrigued by poutine. Is there a reliable recipe for making it? Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  5. I too love Canada and Canadian slang. Such a great country (and such a cute leader, with Trudeau!)

  6. Great recap, especially love the cleaning like a whirling dervish.

  7. I'm tired just reading all you did in a week. Funny how what is regular language for us, is considered slang by others. Thanks for the fun post.

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