Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dine and Dash

Since Friday was Cinco de Mayo I thought I'd go with a Mexican food/drink photo to start this week's recap.

Tequila Mexico - January 2016

May 2017 - Toronto ON

I forgot to post last night's dinner in the last weekly post. Steak and loaded baked potato.

Saturday was our usual lazy day with a quick (cold) run for vegetables.
I often use turmeric and John usually puts it in our smoothies. Did I know what it looked like other than in powder form, nope.

For dinner we made pizza using this mix we had bought in the States. My pan is 16 inches the mix makes 2 - 12 inch crusts. We decided we should just use it all which meant it was really too thick for our liking. We also added some choppe Thai red peppers! Yikes!

For dessert strawberries and fresh whipped cream.

Sunday I baked a new recipe, Cream Cheese banana bread. It was good but not as creamy as I expected.

I decided to knit an easy baby blanket to use up some of the wool I had for years. No recipient as yet...

Dinner was salmon and loaded potato skins.

We did get a very golden sunset.

Monday, another rainy day.

John wanted burgers and I made potato salad from the potato skins from last night.

Tuesday was cold and damp again!
I went downtown to find some things. I discovered that a women's store that I like is closing up that location.
They had a window display of umbrellas, suitable for the day. I also wanted to go to Bath and Body Works, only to find out that they were also gone! These malls are just too expensive for the retail vendors, as well as the lure of online shopping.

I made quiche to use up the ham. I used another Betty Crocker recipe that was a smaller portion and it worked well.

A very pink sunset after a rainy day.

Wednesday is the only sunny day this week. The forecast was calling for 40-70 cm of rain tomorrow!! Lake Ontario is already higher than it should be.

Taken by the lake as I walked to my mani-pedi. I thought these coloured branches looked a little odd.

After my mani-pedi we headed out to stock up John's scotch supply.

WE took Lake Shore Blvd and I spotted this as we stopped at a light. For you, Beth!!

Going north up Yonge St. on the south east corner is our tallest condo at 72 floors but ground has been broken on the south west side for an 80 floor building.

Taken through our slightly spotty sunroof.

I found this awesome photo online taken from the condo.

The 1970s towers on the north side of Bloor are already dwarfed by One Bloor East. Photo by Derek Flack.

We are at Summerhill LCBO and  I looked at some that were in locked cases. Really, people would pay this for a bottle??

Yes, that is $34,995.95, of course, that is Canadian dollars in US it would "only" be $24,484!!!

Perhaps something less expensive?

                                    $8,999.00       $6,500.00                          $4.999.00

And to think we had undone stuffed peppers for dinner! I had bought a 2.5 lb bag of chopped peppers which seemed like a good idea at the time! Hence this recipe.

Thursday was yet another rainy day. We headed out to see a family member in a community theatre play which was fantastic! But the rain! It took us an hour and a half to get up there.

The city has become just one large construction site between the condos downtown and the Crosstown creation (2021!) it is impossible.

You would not know how hard it was raining when John took this photo from the car! I'm sure he must have very rusty joints!

I snagged a few photos from their Facebook page. Niece-in-law on left.

Again, top of stairs, on left.

This clip is NOT from their production but it features one of the fun songs.

Friday I meet up with a friend for lunch. I had some great spicy shrimp wonton noodle soup.
then went back to buy the purse I was eyeing earlier in the week, and it was an extra 15% off *BONUS*.

The rain continued to drench us, raising water levels everywhere.

Then dinner with our good friends at The Brogue Inn. We both had steak.


You would think that with all that rain some reading would have got done. Nope, between knitting and bingeing on TV serials like Designated Survivor for both of us along with some movies and then our separate favourites like Grimm and MKR no books were finished.


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  1. Nice sunset photo!

    best... mae at

  2. The rain's still ongoing here through tomorrow. We desperately need a couple of weeks of dry weather.

    That banana bread looks tempting!

  3. Great sky shots! We've had rain, rain, rain too -- I'm starting to get cabin fever. Okay, so I really like scotch, but YIKES! I'm too cheap for to spend that kind of money. I wonder if it's worth the price?

    Great Tea Taxi and I love the shots of your tall, tall skyscraper.

    Here's to a drier, warmer week.

  4. I'm checking out that banana bread recipes, it sounds good. Love the view from the skyscraper.

  5. I'm craving your loaded baked potato! Cheers from CArole's Chatter

  6. Your golden sunset is fantastic! Even with the rain, your foggy photo is lovely. The flowerpot with the tulips looks like something to make passers-by smile.

  7. Great recap. Good to know we had another quiet week.


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