Thursday, May 12, 2016

British Isles Friday Ireland Part 1 2005

I've been doing some memory lane posts of trips before digital and before blogging.

I first traveled to England with my Mom in 1960
My parents took us back as a family in 1970.
John and I first went together in 1986 to London.
Continuing 1986 with Oxford and Stratford.
Ireland 1991 Part 1 Dublin
Ireland 1991 Part 2 Around Ireland 
Ireland 1991 Part 3 Around Ireland
London 2005 with family
Ireland Part 1 2005 Ballyvaughan Aran Islands
Ireland Part 2 2005 Ballyvaughan Dunguaire Castle, Galway
Ireland Part 3 2005 Burren Bunratty Castle Aillwee Caves Lahinch
Ireland Part 4 2005 Killarney Limerick
Ireland Part 5 2005 Dublin
Ireland 2001 - Ballybunion scheduled
London 1987 - scheduled
Scotland 2001 - scheduled

July 2005 - Ireland

We arrived in Dublin and picked up our car and that is when we hear about the horrifying events in London, the July 7 2005 bombings.
We head to Ballyvaughan where we have rented a house for a week. There isn't any chronological order to these photos as I honestly don't remember our schedule.

I'm going to break this post into at least two parts.

A stop for lunch on our way to Ballyvaughan.

Click here to see the windmill in 2015.

So let's start with our rental and sights around Ballyvaughan. Click here for our 2015 stop in Ballyvaughan.

This is where we had tea in 2015!!

This is Monk's  Click here to see Monk's on our 1991 trip.

We took a day trip to the Aran Islands.

Once there we took a horse and cart tour.

Great sign for the bicycle rental shop.





Waiting for my boat to come in.

More Ballyvaughan shots.

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  1. Your shots from the Aran Islands are my favourites here.

  2. I can’t pick a favorite —although the shot of all the signs is right up there on top! I love the thatched roofs, the food truck that feeds both my British and my American soul, the glorious sunsets of course, and the biking down the lane! Thanks for taking us down your memory lane! I didn’t do a British Isles Friday post today; instead I raged a bit about having yet another birthday. The candles are enough to burn the house down!
    Here’s my birthday rant: The Tracks of my Years

  3. What a nice home-away-from-home your rental was. I love those stone walls in Ireland. I love your shots of the sea, particularly the boat coming in.

  4. I am assuming you know the islands pretty well. It has to feel great to relive all the memories by going thru the photos. I know I get exited and nostalgic when I take a look at the photos I took of a place.

  5. Hylands Burren Barn looks very inviting. I would love to go inside order a beer and a ploughman's lunch and sit outfront. I love the way you captured the boat in the spotlight. The grey stone cottage with thatched roof is a beauty!

  6. It must be very nice to do such a horse trip with wagon in Ireland. I'd love to do that. #TPThursday

  7. What a beautiful recollection, Jackie. I bet each photo holds a ton of lovely memories.
    Thanks for sharing your photos.
    One of these days I'll make it to Ireland.


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