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Ireland Part 3 2005

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I've been doing some memory lane posts of trips before digital and before blogging.

I first traveled to England with my Mom in 1960
My parents took us back as a family in 1970.
John and I first went together in 1986 to London.
Continuing 1986 with Oxford and Stratford.
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Ireland 1991 Part 2 Around Ireland 
Ireland 1991 Part 3 Around Ireland
London 2005 with family
Ireland Part 1 2005 Ballyvaughan Aran Islands
Ireland Part 2 2005 Ballyvaughan Dunguaire Castle, Galway
Ireland Part 3 2005 Burren Bunratty Castle Aillwee Caves Lahinch
Ireland Part 4 2005 Killarney Limerick
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Ireland 2001 - Ballybunion scheduled
London 1987 - scheduled
Scotland 2001 - scheduled

July 2005 - Ireland

We're still staying in Ballyvaughan and sightseeing around the town.

Driving around the Burren, a much nicer day than when we were here in 2015!

But the weather changes constantly.

A day out at Bunratty Castle. Click here for our 2015 visit and more details here.

Hanging his head in shame.

The Queen is not amused.

Aunty Jackie being the teacher to great amusement.

Afternoon tea

Aillwee Cave is a cave in the karst landscape of the Burren. The name Aillwee is derived from the Irish Aill Bhuí which means "yellow cliff".

John and Brian play Lahinch one day and experienced all four seasons.

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  1. A beautiful collection- but my favourite is the stocks!

  2. Loved being reminded of the Burren in your photos -- such a dramatic landscape.

  3. I love how Aunty Jackie being the teacher really cracks the kids up!

  4. We have also been to the Burren and Bunratty Castle. It's a beautiful country, Ireland, I hope to return one day. Love the photo in the stocks and what a great shot of the young lady in the chair. It's your niece, right? She looks regal sitting there.

    Lovely shots, thanks for sharing and giving me wanderlust '

  5. I never get tired of images of the coast...or beautiful architecture. Happy people are fun, too. Thanks for sharing, and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  6. Ireland always looks so green and misty and cool in photos. Maybe one day I will get there.
    Seems like there is always another castle just round the corner in that part of the world :-)

  7. Great pictures! I've always wanted to go to Ireland, but have yet to make it there. Sigh...maybe when the kids are older!

  8. The Ireland pictures are great, and making me want to go over there.

  9. Love the photos - when I was a child we used to visit my grandparents in Co Donegal, and I keep saying I will go back and visit the rest of Ireland. I did a post, then dashed off to London to see my younger daughter before Melinda posted her link, so I'm late linking in to it but my post is at


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