Saturday, May 7, 2016

Food Shopping in Mexico

January 2016 - San Miguel de Allende Mexico

Breakfast, desayuno, begins to unfold early in the morning with fresh sweet breads and coffee. Everyone takes a break around 10-11am for real breakfast, even the schools.

This was labelled as cheese filled, wow, it tasted like whipped cream.

Eggs appear in more extraordinary ways than you could imagine: stone mason's eggs, eggs Motuleños, Malageñas, between sheets of cheese, scrambled with fresh veggies and chiles, and, of course, Mexico's answer to French Toast – chilaquiles (yesterday's tortillas crisply fried and drizzled generously with salsa, cream and cheese).

Comida is always a feast of several courses... soups or creams, rice, tender morsels of meat or chicken cooked to perfection in any of a variety of fresh salsas, salads, soft, musky beans and always a sweet at the end.

 And savouring the culinary doesn't stop here...there is still cena (supper) and merienda (a snack).

Grocery shopping can be done at the big, and I mean big chains such as Mega or Soriana.

You can buy anything in these stores from motorcycles to washing machines along with your toilet paper and tortillas.

I prefer these stores for canned goods and get my vegetables and meat at local suppliers.

I love that Worcestershire sauce is called "English sauce", a must for your michelada.

EVERYTHING has limes.


For the rim of your glass.

Although Mega does have an awesome bakery section. You must get a tray and tongs and make your selections and then bring them to the counter to be wrapped and priced.

I wish we got these at home. green fruit and I also liked the cranberry flavour.

For meat we go to a local butcher's.

Now if you want garlic you could follow this gentleman to his spot.


We buy from this lady at the market. She was so cute as we struggled to ask for garlic. The bill was $70 pesos so John opened his wallet and took out a $100 peso note, and she said $70 and reached into his wallet and took a $50 and a $20 peso note.

So what did we get for $70 pesos or approx $5.38 CDN? Broccoli, potatoes, oranges, garlic, onion, limes and carrots.

Need hot sauce? Go to the market.


Some items that caught my eye at Mega.

Chicken feet

Avocado leaves (hojas de aguacate) are harvested from the native Mexican avocado Peresea drymifolia. The leaves are used both fresh as well as dried and impart a slightly anisey flavor.

Grocery shopping is such fun in Mexico!

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  1. Motorcycles in a grocery store... who'd have thought?

  2. Oh what a wonderful picture of Mexican life you've created - not a bit as I imagined. My Snapshot is at

  3. Fascinating! The Mega store reminds me of Costco, though it looks like it's even bigger. A workout just to go shopping there! I love your colorful photos of the markets.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed the tiny library.

  4. I love this look at the local culture. It's fascinating.

  5. I love this post. So many interesting things - and all the baked goods look too yummy.

  6. Wow! What an adventure! I am surprised at the kiwi fruit in the yogurt. the chicken feet remind me of the US deep south where they are fried as a delicacy.


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