Saturday, May 28, 2016

Weekend Cooking

May 2016 - Toronto ON

A field of dandelions along the lakeshore. Like many municipalities the city of Toronto no longer sprays with pesticides.
To quote Gunter from the Toronto Sun “No more violence, no more hate. Dandelions liberate!”

John suggested dandelion wine.

Monday was a holiday here, Victoria Day so we headed out on the streetcar to check out some murals I had read about in the Queen St. W area.

We covered just over 10,000 steps in today's short journey.

 We got off at Dufferin and strolled over to Dovercourt where we headed south and turned into the first laneway.

I'll show more of these murals in the upcoming weeks at Monday's Mural.

We planned on trying the burgers at Federal, but just as Tasty Burgers said there was a line-up. Next choice, as per Tasty Burgers, Royale, but alas it was closed (closed Sun-Mon) so now what's a girl to do? Gayley's looked like a good option and it was!

We didn't have burgers though, we both chose breakfast items.

I had the eggs Benedict, absolutely perfectly cooked with delicious Hollandaise sauce served with fresh fruit.

John had a Western, which he also said was delicious and that the home fries were perfect.

We needed to walk this off so we strolled east on Dundas to Bathurst and then down to Queen, discovering lots of murals tucked into laneways and on restaurants.

Tuesday John headed out to play golf at Wooden Sticks which includes lunch and dinner.

I "borrowed" this photo from their website.

So I went shopping! I got diverted when I left College Park ( 2 tops, 1 dress) and wondered what this arch was.

Then I could see a wall of green down the street.

Wednesday I had a dentist appointment on the Danforth, in our old neighbourhood. I stopped for lunch and had dumplings, which I can't believe I forgot to take a picture. They were good so we might both go back.

John golfed in his men's weekly league which includes dinner.

The closet guy we selected returned to finalize plans (and get payment!). Now we need the condo approval as we decided to remove a wall and work should start around June 20.

Friday was girls' shopping day and lunch. I had pork noodle wonton soup at Duck. Delicious.

No movies this week.

Saturday - steak, baked potatoes and broccoli
Sunday - roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, sweet potato, potato, carrot mash, roast potato, broccoli
Monday - late brunch out, roast beef sandwiches
Tuesday - leftover roast beef in gravy with noodles
Wednesday - chicken thighs and baked potato
Thursday - liver, mashed potatoes, fried onions and cabbage.
Friday - steak, broccolini and garlic bread.


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  1. I love the murals!! And that breakfast? It's been ages since we went to breakfast and now I'm craving a western omelette and homefries!

  2. Great murals. I like the slogan. The wonton soup looks good

  3. Once in Toronto I saw a wonderful Mona Lisa mural and a few others. It might have been in the neighborhood near the spots where you took photos. Fun thing to do!

    best... mae at

  4. I love the murals and the arch! How lovely. I'm a big fan of dandelions. I know they're technically supposed to be weeds but they're so cheerful that I really have no interest in getting rid of them in my yard and the big bunch in your picture made me smile. Your breakfast looks delicious! Is there anything better than a well executed eggs Benedict?

  5. That breakfast looks delicious! I find dandelions to be a cheerful sight.

  6. Dandelion tea or wine - there's an idea. Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  7. I'd like to visit Mother's Dumplings! :) Never been to Toronto -- thanks for the peek. :)

  8. Those home fries do look just perfect. And the wonton soup looks great, too! I'm getting hungry...

  9. The eggs Benedict would be for me, we had a crab cake Benedict in Appalachicola a few weeks back, amazing. Love the travel through the city and seeing the artwork.

  10. The fruit with your breakfast has me drooling, it look so refreshing.


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