Thursday, March 10, 2016

Semana Doce - Puerto Vallarta

March 2016 - Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We only have a six more days left before we fly to LA and then home to Toronto the 17th.


Today was a lazy (again) day, pool, scrabble and a walk to the Marina for our weekly taco fix at Taco Tango.


We left around 9:45 and I stopped and got a haircut in the plaza before we took a taxi into town.

Click here for more details and photos.

Artisan market

With no direction in mind we spot a great view of the church.

As John says if you don't wander and walk you don't find things. Turned down this really pretty street running along the Rio Cuale.

We stop for a beer at La Fuente del Puente.

A quick look into the market and one shirt later. I now have 4 of these. First one was 150 pesos in Tlaquepaque, 2 in Guadalajara for 130 pesos each and then in PV she wanted 320 pesos I laughed and said no way. She countered at  200 pesos (I heard her telling her partner that I had bought for 130 pesos in Guadalajara), so I bought the purple one.

To get to lunch entails crossing another of those hanging rope bridges. The first one was being repaired, the guys had removed a couple of planks and a temporary gangplank type in place, no way Jose!!! We walked to the next one and it was decorated.

We decide on Oscar's for lunch, it was great and there was a wedding taking place.
I had the Mazatlan Aguachile, ceviche with shrimp. I loved it even though John thought it looked a little bland. It wasn't by any means!!Here is a recipe.

John had a burrito which he said was delicious.

Lunch was so good John wants to come back.

As we waited for the bride we wondered which way she would come, you can't drive a car up to the venue, you either walk through the market or else along the Malecon.
Perhaps she would arrive like this?

Now to the wedding! Father and daughter.


Lazy weekend, there was a golf tournament to keep John occupied and we didn't eat out.

We did spot this taxi being loaded with luggage and wondered if they were all going to get into the cab. The driver is in the cab. In case you wondered, no they didn't but it wouldn't have surprised us if they did.

How about these shoes? Mexican women love their high heels.


Again lazy, again golf.

Sad news today that my Aunty Nell had passed away after a short battle with cancer. The funeral is Saturday and we are sad we can't be there to be with my cousins.

A very clear evening from the balcony looking towards the mountains, they are usually hazy at this time.


We headed out to Bucerias, a twenty minute drive from here, a small town on the beach. Click here for lots more photos.

Pretty town.

We chose Mark's based on their reviews and it was excellent. Click here for their menu.
Definitely 5 star dining.

The special on the board was Baja mussels soaked in white wine, cilantro, lime, tomato. The addition of cilantro and lime gave it a very tropical flavour. We shared this.

I chose the Ahi Tuna Tartare, Roasted Sesame Shitake & Jalapeno, Nori Paste, Cilantro Coulis, Jicama Wedge, and it was good but more like a Hawaiian poke.

John had Miso Marinated grilled Beef Strips, Spinach, Arugula, Red Cabbage, Soy-Sesame Vinaigrette, toasted Almonds, Sesame Seeds. Now this was excellent, best piece of beef this year in Mexico by far. And plenty of it. I would order this.

We had company for a while.

Some art on display.

We headed back to get a taxi around 4PM, fully stuffed and just grabbed a snack for dinner much later.


Dawned cloudy with a forecast of 100% rain. We debated what to have for breakfast and decided to try a local place at the marina called Rosa Mexicana. Disappointing, I thought it was just average.

John had the Spanish omelet which he enjoyed. I had scrambled eggs, too dry for my liking.

Huevos Divorciados or divorced eggs show up on many breakfast menus.

We relaxed and it actually did rain for a bit, we didn't get much but other parts of town did.

But you could tell a storm was coming as the birds didn't use the tree across the street for their nightly
get together but rather were quite agitated gathering on the tree in front of us.

Around 10PM the rain began in earnest. It woke us around 5AM and it was torrential with some leaking through the window.


Awoke to a rainbow and a forecast of 100% chance of rain.
Not a great photo but I had to run downstairs to get my camera and there were a lot of grey clouds behind it.

After lunch at Tango Taco (see Thursday above) we passed by the laundry here at the Plaza. Do you think this is a loved cat?

If we didn't have a washer and dryer in the condo this is where I would have taken my laundry.

Only one more week to go!!!!

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  1. That blossoming tree and the kitties are my favourites of these shots.

  2. Aww the kitties! What a gorgeous place and fantastic looking food. I can't believe you have only a few days left!

  3. Thanks for sharing your marvelous photos and sharing part o f your vacation. The food looks fabulous too! Great rainbow shot too!

  4. Nice photos. Enjoy the last of your stay!
    best... mae at

  5. Huge plates of food! And those shoes... We would call them fm shoes (I can't say what fm means because it's rude) Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

  6. So much color and good food--everything looks amazing! ;-)


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