Sunday, March 6, 2016

Memories Puerto Vallarta 1985

I have mentioned that this is our first visit to Puerto Vallarta since 1994 and have been posting photos of our previous trips as a stroll down memory lane.

1982 Puerto Vallarta when we bought our first timeshare.
1987 Puerto Vallarta we took my parents to PV.
Click here for our 2016 photos and here.

November 1985

I'm not sure what we did in 1984 I don't seem to have any photos on the external drive I have with me.

 We spent all our time with Glen and Vivian whom we had met in 1983. Here we are taking a boat trip to Yelapa.
This doesn't look like the Marina today!!

Glen and Vivian were from California and in 1984-85 they had packed up and moved to PV. They had an apartment downtown and Glen was selling timeshare.

The Marina in 2016

 Yelapa was quiet in those days with few amenities but the women sold the best pies ever.

 Downtown, overlooking the Sea Horse - it has been moved check out my 2016 photos to see the gorgeous Malecon that now runs along the shore.

 The market downtown.

Click here for 2016 photos of the church.

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