Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March City Daily Theme

Linking at City Daily Photo where the theme is Where Do I Belong?

March 2016

The blog goes on to elaborate with:
Where do you belong? Where is Heimat for you?
The Germans call it “Heimat.” English speakers can’t say it in one word. Your homeland? (Not quite.) Being comfortable and happy here? Feeling that this is the place is where you should be?

When I go back to Ireland to visit (I was born in Dublin but was 5 when my parents immigrated to Canada) I suddenly feel at home, where I belong.

We travel a lot so if I generally answered this question I would say anywhere but really Ireland grabs my heart strings when I arrive.

We're in Mexico at the moment and it was the first country I visited on my own (aside from Ireland). It still tugs me. The people, the sights and the culture.

Toronto is our home town and condo is where we hang our hats. It reflects our love of travel however.

We will have a few more souvenirs to add to this wall when we get home.

My reading corner.

What do I miss the most on the road? My fully stocked kitchen where I can cook to my heart's content.


  1. Everyone should have a reading corner!

  2. I haven't been to Ireland yet, but part of my heart is still in Canada!

  3. I always miss my own kitchen when I've been traveling for a while. I know Canada but I haven't yet been to Ireland.

  4. It is a great life and I love your thoughts on where you belong.

  5. You really do travel! We who do have a difficult time determining our heimat, don't we? I have been unfamiliar with your blog, but I like it and I will return often. thank you!

  6. I am back again; I checked the index for City Daily Pages and could not find you under Toronto list. I assume that you do not post with us on a daily basis, but only occasionally. Is that correct? I'd like to visit your blog more often; how do I get a notice of your posts? Thanks.


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