Thursday, March 24, 2016

British Isles Friday

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I recently did a Walk Down Memory Lane of our trips over the years to Puerto Vallarta.
So I thought I should do the same for other trips. We've travelled to the UK many times. My eldest Mc Guinness cousin was born there when her Dad, my Dad's older brother went to England in the late 1940s to find a job and ended up working for British Rail his entire life.

August 1970

This was my second time in England. The first time I was only 6 and we had gone for six weeks with my Mom, her 2 sisters and a cousin.

In 1970 my Mother had decided that my father needed to go home to see his mother in Ireland. Since his brother lived in England she wanted us to go see them as well. We have very few photos, film and development was really expensive back then. Oh to have had digital!!! My Dad never could take decent photos!!! I promise the photos will improve in future posts.

On the ferry from Ireland to England from Liverpool we took the train to London.

Westminster Abbey

Queen Victoria outside Buckingham Palace.

Well it looks like I took this photo!

Trafalgar Square

We went up to my uncle's house and he took us to the first drive through safari park we had ever been to.


  1. Lovely trip down the memory lane. :)

  2. Fun to see the clothes and transportation of 1970!

  3. Quite a lot of memory. I haven't been over to the other side of the pond, yet.


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