Wednesday, March 9, 2016

More Puerto Vallarta Memories

It is our last week in Puerto Vallarta so I thought I would do a recap of the previous visits that I haven't covered.

1982 Puerto Vallarta when we bought our first timeshare.
1987 Puerto Vallarta we took my parents to PV.
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Week 1 in PV 2016
Week 2 with a trip to Vallarta Torre
Around PV 2016
Week 3
More PV
Our Lady of Guadalupe

November 1989

We spent some of this trip in Mexico City.

By now Glen and Vivian had packed up and moved permanently to PV, bought a house and acquired two dogs. The first dog Bo (Bojangles but Glen hated that name) had been bought one evening on a previous trip with us.

Popeye’s – Terminal Marina – The chain in the US (Popeye’s Fried Chicken) paid the owner to change the name so that they could bring the chain to PV without a name conflict. When the husband of the owner lost his job as a GM of a hotel, the restaurant was sold, and the husband and wife left PV.

Vallarta Torres

1993 we took Don and Mary with us and they bought at Vallarta Torre and never looked back. In fact we will meet up with Mary and her sister Barb (also bought) tomorrow!

AC !

A very rainy day at Vallarta Torre.

 These bridges are still around on the Rio Cuale.

Going to Yelapa.

1994 Mary and Don took her Mom and Aunt and we went down at the same time.


  1. It must be fun to compare back then to what things are like now.

  2. Have neen really enjoying these memories of Glen and Vivian(Bo) and Don and Mary etal.


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