Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Signs 2

Joining Tom at Signs2.
Wordless Wednesday Wordless Be There 2day
Gay NYC Dad

Continuing with pit stops...
...a stop (as during a trip) for fuel, food, or rest or for use of a restroom.

January 2016 - Lake Chapala Mexico


  1. I love stain glass and the windows are beautiful

  2. Love it all, mostly the friendly looking frog

  3. The stained glass windows are quite pretty and the surfing frogs are quite cute. Thanks for participating Jackie.

  4. ...now this sure is a colorful and creative group of signs!!! When are you going to run out of them? Thanks Jackie for sharing these, take care.

  5. Those are fine sculpture--signs for the restrooms. The surfing frogs are fun and the stained glass looks great. This was an excellent stop.


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