Saturday, June 27, 2020

Self-Isolation Week 16

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Do you get the play on words? P.S. the n should be capitalized Nunavut.

June 2020 - Toronto ON

Plaque is located outside our condo overlooking Lake Ontario.


Toronto and Peel Region to move to stage 2 on Wednesday June 24.
After 14 weeks of coronavirus lockdown measures, hair salons, restaurant patios, malls, pools and museums will be able to reopen.
Ferries to Toronto Islands are now open.
Interesting article regarding the new rules for shopping at the Eaton Centre.

Windsor-Essex, the only region still in stage 1, will be continue to be held back due to outbreaks among migrant farm workers.

Police fatally shoot Mississauga man during mental-health call.
Ontario’s police watchdog is investigating after a Peel Regional Police officer shot and killed a 62-year-old man with schizophrenia whose family had called a non-emergency line hoping he would be taken to hospital and helped through a mental-health crisis.
Ejaz Choudry, a father of four, died Saturday night after police burst through a door on his second-floor balcony and into the apartment where he was alone, armed with a knife and suffering a mental breakdown, according to his extended family.

Protesters paint 'defund the police' on street in front of Toronto police headquarters.

On a good note I found this site and it has some of the coolest murals in Toronto.
It also has an app MapinHood for exploring neighbourhoods. I'm going to give it a try.

John golfed on Monday and I hung around the house doing this and that. I tidied out the den/office, there are now three bags for charity and two laptops.
I spent more time washing the balcony tiles, it's getting there.

Tuesday John  cut my hair.

We went to the east end to pick up a gluten free order from Gemaro's. 

It's raining softly so we took a little walk around Little India.

When all eating establishments had to close down in March many papered or boarded up their windows for safety. Some also put signs saying no money or alcohol on premises.

A new to us gluten free spot. I only went in as their sign requested only one family member enter.
They had a good selection of gluten free sausages along with pie crust, peameal bacon. I ended up with bread crumbs from Gemaro's the bakery we had just been to. They carried their bread as well.

Thai One On.

Sugar cane drinks.

John, reading menu, saying he's not sure why you would want a takeout big breakfast, but noting prices were good.

This is a cute coffee shop that we've been in, but it was closed at the moment.
Here's the inside from a previous visit.

Unlike Nate's where we get gluten free stuff, Gemaro's is not frozen but baked to order.
They added the cookies.

These dinner rolls never made it to the freezer. Even I thought they were delicious.

I found the breadcrumbs at the shop Victoria.

Wednesday John golfed. 
Today was the day that we moved to Stage 2 and the first day I didn't feel as comfortable on the streetcar. The signs blocking seats are starting to disappear. I (lesson learned) sat in my favourite seat but the sign for blocking the seat beside me had disappeared. 

Silly me, I assumed that people would understand that they couldn't sit there anyway. Duh, no. First an old man sat beside me, as the young girl in mask, across from me gasped and shook her head at me. He got off shortly and a "rough" looking (probably homeless, reeking of cigarettes) plonked herself down, more headshaking. 
My stop came. Note to self, choice one of the single seats.

I walked Queen St. West from Portland west to Ossington.
Much activity as everyone starts to reopen and hair and nail salons open. Spas and facial places still can't open.

Grand Re-opening lots of love!

Takeout menu.

Vietnamese food for takeout.

Masked bandito setting an example.

Let's not forget...

And this beauty came home with me from the 6 Oceans Gallery, wonderful place to shop. And they carry a lot of Frida!!!

Bathroom is now complete!



You can do many day trips around Ontario, only a short drive from Toronto.

We had done a day trip each week in June where we concentrated on the wineries.

June 2020 - Niagara Region ON
Welland ON
Niagara Wine Region Part 1
St. Catharines

Niagara Wine Region Part 2
Niagara Wine Region Part 3 Jordan was this week's outing.

I had stopped yesterday on Queen St. West at Cumbrae's  for a Spanish inspired picnic.
Apologies up front, Andrew, High Riser blog, for the Yellow Tail sangria. We should have used a local wine, but this has been in our wine rack since last summer!!!

Foreign Affair Winery

Sue-Ann Staff Winery great labels.

Wise decision not to sit down on the grass as the skies opened just as we were finishing up. Lake Ontario in the background.

Our loot our contribution to the local economy.

Friday John golfed and I took the short streetcar ride to Roncesvalles.
Click here for the unabridged walk. Sitting on the streetcar, in my new favourite seat, I thought this notice was in a foreign language, the city of Toronto offers information in 180 languages, I then realized I was looking at it backwards. As of July 2 masks will be mandatory on public transit.

I bought a mask from Bathing Belle.

Located next to a hardware store, the sign reads:

Love these little mom and pop fruit and vegetable shops. I bought two large containers of strawberries, six avocados, celery, potatoes and a Granny Smith apple for $15, a good deal. My hands were full by then.
I had also bought a London jigsaw (preparing for the next lockdown), a mask, a bottle of sesame oil, and a 73% dark chocolate for baking.

Gluten free ice cream sandwich. I also found gluten free tacos and an Italian place with gluten free pasta and pizza.

This vet was too cute. There were four squares numbered on the sidewalk.

Exam Room #2.

Cheese shop.

Earlier their tables were occupied.

Most places asked/required a mask. In one shop, a man came in and she said, please put your mask on. He said I don't have one (seriously???) she said I'll sell you one for a $1 and he bought it.


Sunday I've decided to cook Sunday breakfast as John does breakfast every day so he should have a break.
Week 1 - blueberry pancakes
Week 2 - grilled prosciutto and cheese sandwiches
Week 3 - this week I went all out and made Heuvos Racheros, a tostada topped with salsa, cheese, a fried egg, jalapenos and cilantro served with refried beans and chorizo. I forgot the scallions and next time I would include guacamole.

And my Costco eggs each had double yolks! On the weird side, John fried an egg during the week and got a double yolk. And then today, Saturday, for scrambled eggs He got 3 tres III three double yolks, this is not normal.

I made a blackberry and lemon ice cream along with a banana peanut butter. Both delicious.

Saturday Hamburgers and coleslaw. I made Jamie Oliver's recipe with Greek yogurt and it didn't quite cut it for us.

Sunday Chicken wings and fries

Monday salmon for me and John had baked haddock. Along with cauliflower au gratin and sauteed broccolini with balsamic vinegar.

Tuesday Leftover fish from last night. John had fish tacos and I had salmon and salad.

Wednesday homemade pizza with the bread from Gemano's.

Thursday I decided to make Jamie Oliver's mustard chicken. But the chicken took a long time to cook so the sauce evaporated. Would make it again. Served with mashed cauliflower and tomatoes.

Friday steak and Caesar salad with my new favourite dressing.

Judee mentioned a brownie pan which I had never heard of! Genius! brownie pan


FINALLY a book I can get my teeth into.
Middle England by Jonathan Coe. It tackles so many current issues, racism, police brutality and Brexit. The "old" white folks make me cringe with their bigoted comments about immigration and gay rights. I say old in quotes because some of them are in my age bracket. But then I know people here who also think the same way.
There are also the relationship stories that take place amongst all this and how the various characters handle these issues.
Loving it!


Since travelling is off the table at the moment I am revisiting our travels for The Food Edition.

LOVE markets and this one is in Cai Be Vietnam!!


  1. You two are sure having more fun then we are. Can't even get out to walk any more. 88 at 6:30 in morning!

  2. I always love to walk around your city with you. Our area went "green" (almost no restrictions) about two weeks ago. Now cases are rising dramatically. We are still self-isolating. The main change is that the grocery stores are fairly well stocked again, so cooking is getting easier. We are still a little nervous about the farmer's market -- maybe we'll try it next week.

  3. Yellow Tail is available here cheaply, but no one buys it as it not very good wine. It seems to do well in the export market. I think eggs must be xrayed here as we never get double yolkers, let alone triple yolkers.

  4. It's always a pleasure to visit Toronto through your posts.

    Sangria is one of those drinks that I have a "perfect" memory of from when I visited Spain many years ago and I can't seem to find a version that live up to that memory. I will keep on trying though, although probably not until summer though!

  5. Another entertaining virtual tour, thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm really glad you are able to get out more, and I know you will be enjoy having more stores open. I hope your people are smarter than our people. The Rotary Club meets in a building across the street from our house, and they've had several meetings, no masks in sight, crowded as can be. Our state is going crazy with a huge surge in cases. Scary.

    I don't know if I like the art you see on your outings or the food you have more. The wineries look like great fun.

    Interesting that you ran across so many double-yolk eggs. Now that you mention it, it would seem like we would see those every now and then, but I don't think I ever had.

    Your bathroom is complete. Delightful.

    All this and a good read, too. That's a great week.

    1. Yes, we see your state making news with their scary numbers. Stay safe.
      At least I can dream about road trips with my bathroom theme.

      I don't think it is normal to have that many double yolked eggs in a carton from Costco!!

  7. Every time I visit your blog, Jackie, I miss living in a big city. Our small rural city is in Stage 3, but the Husband and I continue to hunker down.

    1. Stage 2 here but I am waiting to see the fallout after two weeks of it. We can wait, too.

  8. I got your play on words, nice one! I am wondering if there will be a time in the future when we don't have to worry abut masks, and virus protection and get back to normal travel. I sure hope so. We are itching to head west toward Colorado and Arizona. One day.....

    Your photo of eggs has me wanting them. What lush yolks.

    1. A road trip would be great, Tina. But for now we'll stick to our day trips.

  9. The pictures are great. My state is basically fully open. We still have a limit on large gatherings and though business could open some have delayed. I'm not going out so I don't really know what is open now.

  10. A great impression of stores beginning to open up! Here hair salons also have opened, but one has to wait outside until the previous appointment has come out, which may may more than half an hour wait in 9- degree weather. All stores watch the max. limit capacity. (No, thanks I'll wait till cooler weather!) At the art store we waited outside at least 15-20 min. outside. do you in Toronto have that rule too? It gets easier when at least you can order food, eh? Love all the Vietnamese veggies outside, except for the meat in open air. Oh, not to forget, I LOVE your new header! MAny thanks for sharing your week with All Seasons, and have a great weekend and upcoming week of exploration, Jackie! Jesh


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