Sunday, June 7, 2020

Monday Mural

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June 2020 - Welland ON

I was first introduced to the murals in Welland ON by a fellow Monday Mural contributor, Tom The Backroads Traveler from Rochester New York, who has featured most of these murals below.

Click here for more of the murals.

'Education' by Risto Terenen. Is is based on old photographs of teachers, principal, students and school.

'Upbound at Midnight' by Ross Beard. Night scene of ship travelling south on the canal to Port Colborne.

'Welland Fair' by Hohn Hood. Scenes from the 1940, 1958, 1975 Welland Fair.

'The Cordage Community' by Marsha Charlebois. Plymouth Cordage Co. employees of 1906 at work and play.

'Tell Me About the Olden Days' by Dan Sawatsky. Free standing wall portraying arrival of immigrants around 1910.

'Little Helper' by Dan Sawatsky. Farm family fo father, son, grandson.

'The Welland Club' by John Hood. Lawn bowling activities of 1920 at the club.

'Tugboats' by Stefan Bell. 1920 tugboat "Hector" pulling barges and ships through the canal.

'Steam Engine' by Ron Baird. Train used in the constrution on the old canals Side fo Bell Building.

'Downtown Welland' by Philip Wolf. Commercial life in early Welland.

'Main Street' by Mike Svob. Another commercial scene of early city.

'Canal Construction' by Bas Degroot. Construction of the Welland by-pass.


  1. ...the first one and the last three I didn't see. A return trip to Welland needs to be made when this mess clears up.

  2. What a wonderful historic collection of murals. Thank you for showing them.

  3. I have not seen any of these. It is years since I've been to Welland - I hate the drive on the Queen E!

  4. So many murals. The town reminds of one on Vancouver Island with lots of terrific murals.

  5. All beautiful murals Jackie, my favourite is "the little helper".
    I wonder what happened to that first mural?
    Thanks for participating Jackie.

  6. I apologize for being so late visiting. These are all lovely, and some I've seen on Tom's blog. The first one seems like they are trying to paint over it.


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