Saturday, June 20, 2020

Self-Isolation Week 15

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June 2020 - Toronto ON

Week 15 or Day 100!!!!! But to be fair, we are getting out and about. We avoid crowds, wear masks, sanitize.

World's Apart a very interesting commercial.

Covid 19 Update

Toronto (pop 6.2  million GTA) hits 1,000 COVID-19 deaths, but data shows an improving situation.
Montreal (pop 4.2 million GMA) has recorded the most COVID-19 deaths of any Canadian city by far, with its latest count showing 3,238 deaths.

More regions of Ontario are moving into the second stage of the province's reopening plan today, including parts of the Greater Toronto Area.

York, Durham and Niagara are among the areas allowed to further open their economies, though Toronto, Peel and Windsor-Essex will remain in the first stage until at least next Friday.

Most areas were allowed to enter the second stage last Friday, except for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas, some regions that border the United States and those with COVID-19 outbreaks among migrant workers.
Click here if you want to be bored dazzled by charts.

Today's headline:
There are 54 new cases of COVID-19 in Toronto, which has seen 14 days of consecutive decline in the number.
Toronto will start issuing marriage licences again, by appointment, as of June 22.
A mask will be required when using public transit beginning July 2.

Distancing examples from the other side of the pond

As usual we spent the weekend at home.

Monday John golfed and I took the subway to Lansdowne and poked around Bloordale Village. Since we're not going too far from home for now I've started a series called Sidewalking to chronicle Toronto neighbourhoods I ramble around.

Brock Sandwich carries gluten free buns!

Can't wait until the ice cream places open!

First time here, bought chorizo and hot sausage, all gluten free and finally found some horseradish!

Lots of signs of solidarity.

Home with my sausages.

I also bought some stuff in a Mexican grocer I found, I forgot to get a picture.

Tuesday and we did another day trip back to the Niagara region. Our folding lawn chairs arrived this morning! We had gotten rid of all ours when we downsized duh. Since we will be doing day trips around town we figured it would be nice to have our own to sit on when we either take our lunch or get take out.

This time our focus was around St. Catharines where we started with a take out lunch of fish and chips.

Traffic backed up on the way due to to a trucker running off the road. This is a very busy highway between the city and the American border. The border remains open only for essential business, the deadline has been delayed for the third time until the end of July. This will hurt tourism on both sides, however, I am quite happy not having Americans coming up here to spread the virus. Especially from those places that are taking this whole pandemic so cavilerily.

Union Jack.

I enjoyed the haddock and John had the gluten free halibut. He thought the batter was a little thick but would try it again, having haddock instead. Coleslaw was delicious.

We then found some interesting historical sights in St. Catharines. Click here to read about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad, a First Nations Memorial, historic house DeCew and visit the Morningstar mill.

This week's day trip required two posts as we continued our outing with more wineries in the Niagara region.

We only covered three wineries this week, Henry of Pelham, Herdner and 13th St. all in the St. Catharines area. Click here for the winery details.

The "new" normal. One way traffic, masks requested and hand sanitizing.

Local from Herdner 1.5 liters for $15
13th St. Burger wine because who could pass up that name and on our visit last week we got pizza wine at London Born.
13th St. 2018 Gamay
Sibling Rivalry from Pelham
Pelham 2009 Rose Three of Hearts I picked based on the name!

I also picked this up at Pelham.

Wednesday John golfed and I headed to Queen St. West for no particular reason.

Dollarama is geared up for Canada Day, July 1.

Last week it said "See You Soon" today getting optimistic with "Soon".

The Common People are happy to see us.

Where we bought our first masks.

Thursday we decided not to go too far afield. We thought we see the rhodos at Bruckener Gardens, they hadn't been open a few weeks ago due to Covid 19 restrictions. The rhodos were past but the peonies were open.

In case you're wondering, my (Frida) mask is on my wrist.

Almost put my hand on him!

Toronto in the distance.


Saturday Lazy cabbage rolls
Made 1ish ingredient raspberry ice cream. I had picked up 2 for $4 raspberries on Queen St. W on Friday.

Sunday I've decided to cook Sunday breakfast as John does breakfast every day so he should have a break.
Week 1 - blueberry pancakes
Week 2 - grilled prosciutto and cheese sandwiches

Roast chicken mashed cauliflower and carrots

Made stock from frozen vegetables and drippings from chicken.
Chicken bones were used for another pot of stock.

Monday - Pork belly and salad. I didn't marinate it this time and it was a little tougher than normal. 

Tuesday - Leftover cabbage rolls

Wednesday - Curry chicken and I opened a tin of coconut milk for the rice. 1 part rice, 1 part coconut milk, 1 part water. I froze the rest of the milk on an ice cube tray.

Thursday - Moroccan lamb meatballs, salad with Moroccan dressing, this was an interesting dressing but it definitely needed more acid.
I also tried gfJules recipe for pita. I opted to bake them in the oven but they didn't really brown or rise very well. But the texture and taste was good. Next time I'll do in a cast iron pan.



12 queer books to read this summer.

The Times had an article in which several renowned writers recount some of their most memorable meals out. These stories are fabulous!

I read another Tessa Hadley The London Train and love the slow development of the characters that you don't care for but still care about their stories.
Her writing is beautiful.


Since travelling is off the table at the moment I am revisiting our travels for The Food Edition.

Going with our wine theme, lunch in the Barossa Valley Australia.


  1. Nice assortment of photos. Connecticut US has entered Phase 2, but nothing has changed enough that would make a difference to me continuing to do self-isolation except for essential trips. I like the cat mug shot. :-)

  2. The flowers are gorgeous! I'm still staying in ( except for grocery shopping) ..

  3. That is an incredible number of Covid deaths in Montreal. Wow. Florida is once again becoming a big hot spot and I suppose Doug and I will just stay in again. We managed to go out to eat twice and felt safe about it with the distancing and all, but now it's growing rapidly again. Ugh.

    Nice selection of books you have. I am hoping to get an advanced reader's copy of Tana French's latest, Fingers crossed.

  4. Oh I need to check out that Times article. Love your photos this week. We are still self-isolating and wearing masks. Though we get out a little bit, we haven't been on any (local) adventures yet.

  5. Lots of good photos. Love the cat without his mask. That's what I feel like as well, walking around downtown. A lot more places have opened up, but it's sad how many have gone under.

  6. Our restrictions were starting to ease but it seems now that it was too soon as the numbers are on the rise. They have therefore stepped back to the previous numbers of guests and won't be increasing the numbers of people who are allowed in cafes and restaurants.

  7. Our weird new lives go on. I like goths against racism. Kanga pie? No fanks.

  8. Beautiful photos! I love chorizo, hot sausage, and horseradish! Florida cases are on the rise again, due to (I think) opening things up too soon. Also, some people aren't taking this seriously enough and go out without masks! I don't understand why they would risk their health, especially since wearing a mask isn't a big deal, but getting the virus is a huge deal.

    Stay safe!

  9. What a great week you had! Our numbers have gone up steadily since Memorial Day here. No one I know is getting out, but I see the younger people doing so.

    Waiting for the businesses to reopen has to be an interesting experience. I know that, for me, anticipation is a huge part of going out. For you it is quite prolonged. I remember how wonderful it is to eat in a restaurant, and I look forward to doing that again, but it will probably be next year for me at the earliest.

    Can't wait to hear what you think about all those books. June is Gay Pride Month here.

  10. Very special series of photos! Stay healthy!
    Sometimes I wonder how we will remember these unusual times in a few years!

  11. Oh my, your peonies are lovely. Mine are just past their prime. I love all your photos. You always find such intersting to film. My Sunday Salon

  12. Our cases here in Cleveland have inched up the last few days, but we'll have to see if it continued or is a fluke. It's made me more nervous about my husband going back to work downtown two days a week :( I love your excursion photos!

  13. Most places are starting to open up, and from what I've seen locally they are trying to be safe with distancing marks on the floor and some places requiring a mask (even though it isn't mandated here). BC has really contained the number of cases and has strict rules about quarantine. We are still waiting in Washington State (since March 1) to see if the next border closure expiry date will remove the 14-day requirement. We have several required actions that need to take place in person in August. We are hopeful but may have to submit to the quarantine. - Margy

  14. Such busy travels! We're still mostly at home, and hubby actually has regular work hours, from home. So the kids and I go by foot. That fish and chips also looks delish! I wish they could require masks more. Instead I just assume those without them generally don't care about other people :( Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week!

  15. Not that I'm avoiding it, but haven't gone out to eat yet. Jackie those fish and chips look mouth watering! Love those shirts "All Day Rose." You even have some nature captures here! A hat makes you look like a different person, but I like it:) Many thanks for sharing this settling into the reversal with All Seasons! Enjoy your weekend and have a great upcoming week! Jesh


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