Monday, June 1, 2020


City Daily Photo - Monthly - PARK
"Park" can mean many things to many people. For some it is somewhere to leave the car while they shop, for others a place filled with gardens, and others a place where life can imitate art.
Let's see what "Park" means in your city!

June 2020 - Toronto ON

The city of Toronto has closed off sections to cars, allowing pedestrians more room to social distance. The first weekend gave this definition of the word PARK!!

But as pedestrians we loved having the road beside the parks along Lake Ontario car-free!


  1. Many years ago public walkways were given over to transport. I think it went a bit too far. Love your header photo but no one trying to take a photo holding up the tower?

  2. I remember being baffled by the name Don Valley Parkway when I emigrated to Canada back in the day. We called them "carriageways" in Cork. But I've never forgotten driving it, that swooping and turning all the way to the lake.


  3. What a mess on the Gardiner. It always seems to say park to me.


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