Sunday, November 29, 2015

Little India

November 2015 - Toronto ON

Today's walk is rather a short one and it's not all on foot either. We set out to find some murals I had read about in Little India.
Toronto has a large, vibrant Indian community and Little India is on Gerrard between Coxwell and Greenwood.

I have scoured my blog to put a link to a summer street festival from a couple of summers ago but it seems I never did post them!!

If you are craving Indian food this is the place to come especially on the weekends. We're here during the week so it is quiet.

This delightful alley gallery is on the south side of Gerrard between Craven and Rhodes.

Kitty corner, as we step inside for coffee.

The Flying Pony Coffee House and art Gallery.

Click here to see the works of the amazing local artists that they highlight.

 You knew there would have to be a flying pony.

I love having my coffee from a real mug. This is a very welcoming cafe with a mish mash of furniture and delicious lattes and cookies!!!

 We get back into the car and I remember reading about some artwork along Craven St. so I have John make a turn right and there it is. I hop out and start snapping.

 Along Gerrard on the side of an Indian restaurant.

Another one in Little India.

The plan now was  to head home, oh wait another mural!! Greenwood and Gerrard.

 Down the lane.

Looks like another good coffee shop.

We are next to Greenwood Park and I remember seeing something on the news about a statue so John drives around the park and we think we can see it in the middle of the park.

The life-sized bronze likeness of Jeffrey Baldwin poses heroically in Greenwood Park, dressed as his own favourite hero Superman.

Baldwin starved to death in 2002, just before his sixth birthday, while under the care of his grandparents. Both are now serving life sentences for second-degree murder.


  1. What a fantastic neighbourhood. All those murals. I love it. And quirky shops and coffee shops. That's the sort of place I love to visit. Thanks for sharing Jackie, and also thanks for visiting me earlier.

  2. I love murals. So exciting to find them when not expecting them.

  3. The murals and all the artwork are amazing. So much to look at. I've been to Toronto a coupe of times for specific events/meetings, but clearly I need to go back and do some exploring.

  4. So that's where the statue is.

    The mural work is beautiful in this area.

  5. WOW Jackie, what a collection. I don't know where to start!

  6. I can scarcely believe the number of murals on display here. They are amazing. I struggle to find them in Coventry so I could do with a collection like that to split up over several weeks :).

  7. OMG!!! What a fabulous area and a wonderful collection to share with us this week. I love the first one right after the Bazar sign, and it is my favorite.I have never seen an area with so many murals within walking distance. This is awesome. Super shots.


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