Monday, January 20, 2020

Monday Mural

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January 2020 - Toronto ON

Something a little different today...
We went to the Market Gallery at St. Lawrence Market this week to see their new exhibit.

Street Art Toronto You've Changed Exhibit
Presented by: StreetARToronto
Toronto is home to some of the best mural, street and graffiti artists and art in the world. This exhibit showcases the ways these artists and artworks have transformed Toronto's streets, laneways and parks into a city-wide art gallery. Featuring videos, special displays and photographs that showcase more than 100 StreetARToronto (StART) projects between 2012-2019, the exhibit tells the story of how local street artists have taken Toronto street art to a level of international renown.

I have featured many of these murals over the years, but I was surprised how many there are east of us that we need to check out.

Some of the ones shown above.

Three Sisters on Dundas W.

The Lovebot character was created by Toronto artist and designer Matthew Del Degan, consisting of a geometric, faceless robot with a red heart logo (called the "hero heart") on its torso. The character is used as a symbol for the "Love Invasion," a movement that aims to share love and kindness globally. He invented the idea for the campaign and character after moving to Toronto and noting the uninspired actions of city subway passengers and realizing he personally felt that people needed to express more compassion.

Del Degan chose to add the heart to the robot's design to signify that people of the city have ability to love and be kind to one another. He decided to use concrete as the Lovebot's artistic medium, which he felt referenced Toronto’s urban architecture and history.
Lovebot mural here.

You can see the Musica mural that inspired this cushion here.

Click here for You've Changed.

These represent the murals at Underpass Park.

Some of the above.

This utility box had a changing display.

Click here to see some of the life sized murals featured in this display.

I featured this mural a few weeks ago.


  1. ...GREAT, the first one is a BIG WOW!

  2. Fantastic art. I'm thrilled to see art is supported, and enjoyed so much in Toronto. Makes me want to visit! Great program to help artists work and the public to enjoy art every day.

  3. What a remarkable exhibit cataloging a remarkable city. It is really great that you have seen and documented so many of the murals featured in this collection.

    best... mae at

  4. The 3 sisters and the utility box are my favourites.
    Great collection Jackie, thanks for contributing.


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