Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Photo of the Year

On January 1, City Daily Photo bloggers post their Photo of the Year. Your favorite? The one that got most comments? One that has special meaning for you? There are no rules. Show us the one you decide is your Photo of the Year.

May 2019 - Pisa Italy

Taken by my husband.


  1. Not one person posing for a selfie as they try to push the tower back to vertical.

  2. Beautiful. It was the heaviest rain I ever experienced when we were there, people went nuts! (It was summer and just water from the sky!!!)
    So, this is how it looks like without "water" ;-)

    1. We had had horrible rain the day before and even that morning, but we got there and the sun came out!

  3.'s amazing that the tower is still standing.


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