Saturday, January 18, 2020

Tea Time

January 2020 - Toronto ON

January 2020 - Toronto ON

What the heck?? 11 C on January 11? With rain non-stop causing flooding in some areas.

We had some dodgy apples so I made an apple crisp from my Betty Crocker cookbook. I also added raisins. It was good but it could have been a bit more buttery.

Roast pork with potatoes, Brussels sprouts and baby carrots.

Sunday was another warm day. We should have checked out the No Pants Subway Ride!

Wings and fries for dinner.

Monday we went downtown for dinner with John's son, who was here on business.

The lights looked great.

This is the second and last time that we will go to Craft. We weren't impressed the first time and less impressed this time.
Basically it is overpriced and underwhelming.

Tuesday and we headed downtown and then walked to the St. Lawrence Market.

First stop was the Market Gallery on the second floor of the South St. Lawrence Market, which encloses all that remains of Toronto’s original 19th-century Front Street City Hall council chamber, operating from 1845-1899. The historic site presents a variety of changing exhibits related to the art, culture and history of Toronto.

A new exhibit had opened.

The gallery’s signature fan windows, which once overlooked Toronto’s harbour, today overlook the main floor of the market featuring various food vendors.

The market was so quiet, it was a pleasure to shop!

We bought some Irish salmon for the first time.


I made meat sauce for spaghetti tomorrow.
Salmon (roasted in the oven) with mustard sauce, broccolini and boiled potatoes.
The Irish salmon was mild and delicious.

Wednesday and I went for a hair cut and picked up some items at the $ store.

John and I sat and watched TV, something I don't ever do in the afternoon.

We finished The Spy and really enjoyed the series.

And then another short series Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez which was very tragic and informative.

Sunset was magnificent.

Dinner - spaghetti and garlic bread.

Thursday and I met a friend for a nice long coffee break.
And we had salad with the leftover salmon for dinner.

Friday and the week is ending with a January freeze. It was -12 C when I headed out shopping and John went to Costco.

Through the Bay and then into the Eaton Centre.

Poking in the bookstore.

Steak broccolini and baked potato for dinner.

AND this is the dire weekend weather. We're stocked up and ready!


January 2020 - Indigo Bookstore

As I had really enjoyed War Of the Wives last week I decided to read another by the same author, The Fallout which I really enjoyed.

I started In the Dark, so far so good!

Beth hosts Weekend Cooking where you can post anything food related.


  1. I saw your comment on Mae’s blog about the Tana French book she read. As you know, maybe, I’m a huge Tana fan too. Can’t wait for her next book and I hope she goes back to Dublin Murder Squad.

    Your comment on my blog about Mac and cheese - I grew up with it as a staple but I know you don’t like pasta :-)

    Nice tour of your city again, there is always something new and exciting to see. Your dinner menu sounds great, particularly that roast pork.

  2. We've also been having almost non stop rain, though of course the temperatures are more like 68 low to 78 highs. Nice tour of your city.

  3. We haven't been having too much rain, but we've had a ridiculous amount of wind in Miami. Interesting exhibit.

  4. The salmon seems very expensive, $55 per kilo. I must check what ours costs. Very bad snow in the east. I hope it wasn't too bad for you. I love the book title, Tequila Mockingbird.

  5. Great sunset pic!!

    Don't you hate when a restaurant or experience is overpriced and underwhelming! One or the other you can live with, but both, not so much. We had one of those experiences this week with food at the movies!

  6. Oh my! Roast pork with Brussells sprouts! Yum.

    There are a lot of places which are overpriced and underwhelming. The owners just aren't hungry enough any more, maybe.

    I could spend all day in that bookstore.

    Have a lovely week.

  7. Sorry, Mr. Freeze did not accidentally forget about Toronto:( Don't worry, Jackie, usually (not like last week!) I won't be home before 6 pm on Sunday, so it's not before 10 pm that I start looking at All Seasons! Since the link is open till Friday noon, you can link any time during the week!! Didn't know that there saw specific Irish salmon (we eat it every other week). And Haggis, have no idea what that tastes like:)
    You have a real talent for spotting new exhibits, and visit huge markets of any kind. All of that I miss being on the country side, so your posts are a delight for me personally! Many thanks for sharing it wit All Seasons, and hope this week will be milder weather for you!

  8. Genuinely afraid of no pants subway day. LOL And not even brave enough to click the link. But the Tequila Mockingbird looks fascinating! Reading literary inspired cocktails while reading? Sounds like heaven on earth!

  9. I have to get into that market the next time I'm down. I saw it at a distance the last time I was there.


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