Saturday, January 4, 2020

Dinner Specials

January 2020 - Toronto ON

Things have been extremely quiet here. It continues to be a green/grey winter.

The weekend passed in a blur.

We made a huge batch of cowboy cookies.

I like watching the British series, Masterchef, The Professionals mainly for the episodes that feature the skills tests for the contestants. There are two challenges in those episodes that you can learn how to increase your cooking skills.

You can find them online at Dailymotion.

Rainy days.

The Royal York hotel had a gingerbread house along with its Christmas tree.

Checked out the upscale French bakery and sweets maker LadurĂ©e that opened its second Toronto location in the heart of the city’s Financial District.

Couldn't convince John to pose.

A friend's daughter made me these delicious brownies!

The last day of the year looked like this.

New Year's Eve we went out for burgers at Holy Chuck for lunch. Then took John into Eataly, but it was so crowded John couldn't stand it.

For dinner we made sausage rolls and meatballs, old favourites.

The new year started with January Squares where the daily theme is words ending in light.

I chose this photo by John for our photo of the year.

I played along with Trevor Carpenter Photo Challenge Week 1 POP ART.

We're back at the Letter A for the Weekend Roundup.

Wednesday was New Year's day and we started with mimosas and I cooked the remaining half of the prime rib we had bought. Delicious again.
The gravy came out really well. Watching some British cooking shows I learned they add demi-glace to their sauces. I googled it and it turns out I can buy it almost anywhere. I did find this at Longo's and it was good.

These carrots are delicious done in butter and honey.

Thursday I had tickets for a Mandela exhibit at the Meridian Centre on Front St. it turned out we have another Meridian Centre in North York!!! We didn't feel like making the effort to take the subway there so we just went to lunch at Fran's on Front.

We did a quick grocery run for gluten free bread and then Longo's to pick up supplies for the weekend.
Then we picked up a friend and spent some time visiting with her.
We used up some of the cheeses and cold cuts along with hummus for dinner.


I read The Girl Who Lived Twice, the sixth in the Dragon Tattoo series. It was a good read if not as satisfying as before. But who could stop reading about Lisbeth! As always there are interesting things to learn.

I started Wish You Were Here, my second by Stewart O'Nan, and continues to surprise me that it is written by a man. A week at the cottage with extended family members is about as much as one can take!

I finished 2019 with 87 books read, a little disappointing.

Beth hosts Weekend Cooking where you can post anything food related.


  1. 87 books is really good! Love the Pisa photo. I too find Eataly (at least the one in New York) too crowded for my liking.

    Thanks for the video for the Masterchef series. I'll add it to my watch list.

  2. I had to look up demi-glace myself. While I think it is probably best if home made, I am with you. Just buy it. I don't remember the Tower of Pisa leaning to that extent.

  3. It been ages since I had or made cowboy cookies

  4. I like your photo of the year!

  5. I stopped briefly in the Royal York a few days ago, but the gingerbread house must have been gone by then.


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