Friday, February 8, 2019

Con Sabor a Mexico


Six Word Saturday Mapica Mexico

John made bacon, eggs and tomatoes for breakfast, soooo good.

We got the bus at noon, it was packed and had to fight our way off at our stop, and walk to Soriana's.

Yikes! John bought these.

John waiting for his bakery order to be packaged. You grab a tray and a tongs and make your selections for the cashier to then price and wrap.

Six in-house made buns 9 pesos or 0.62 CDN.

No! They were out of our favourite yogurt, so we bought another brand. No, not these, but look at the flavours.

Groceries in hand, and we taxi it home and notice that the monigotes (puppets) for Carnavale are being put up.

We both got engrossed in our books. 

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Cloudy day for Super Bowl.

John made great salsa! And we used last night's leftover steak for fajitas.

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As we were contemplating what to have for lunch, Carol messaged and said they were coming over to Torres for lunch, were we home? Yes! It's been weeks since we saw Bill, he has been recuperating from a gallbladder operation. It was great to get caught up.

I planned on roast chicken breast for dinner. Full breast on the bone $4.41 CDN.

But the stove is in Celsius and it took a lot longer to cook so we ended up having sandwiches/wraps instead. The chicken will be curry tomorrow night.


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What shall we do today? It clouded over quickly so a good day for a long walk. We headed out after lunch just as Bill and Carol were pulling into the parking lot, Bill was hungry! A great sign and they went off to lunch.

We boarded the bus, and you never know what you might see!

Our mission today was to track the installation of this year's monigotes or puppets for carnival. The theme is "Equinox: The Rebirth of the Senses".

This is our walk, we got off the bus near the first one, located at the lights at the end of Av. Gaviotas.

Since it was so overcast it made it easier to photograph some statues.

Created to celebrate the beginning of the 21st century, this elegant bronze sculpture depicts a Mazatlecan family looking outward with an air of optimism. Designed by Antonio López Sáenz, it is located on Avenida del Mar, steps from  the Genaro Estrada roundabout.

The look "why are you taking my picture?"

Oh look, how the sand has been raked into scallop shapes.

These monigotes are made out of wire and material, in previous years they were made of papier mache. So far people have not been impressed with this year's renderings.
No one is sure what a scarecrow means in a theme of Equinox. Wizard of Oz - awakening???

I have loved these in previous years, but my verdict is out until we see the others (there should be another seven, at least).

There is so much construction, everywhere in town! No, they do not have safety harnesses on.

I mentioned the baseball team last week, their stadium and a new souvenir shop.

This is a statue on the Malecon.

The sun and the sea? John is thinking sand dollar??

A phoenix - reborn?

Oyster fishermen sorting their catch.

The Big Top is in town. I have only heard good things about this, there are no animals just a group of uniquely talented, athletic, hard working people.

Behind the "pulmonia" is the depiction of a mountain with a lighthouse on top..likely intended to represent the lighthouse (or "faro") about 2 miles south of here. The back of the "mountain" also has symbols of Mazatlan landmarks.

The moon? First thought was a cookie. Oh no, as I re-read I realized he could be mooning us!

Time for a beer. Had to laugh, the hangover soup translates as "raises the dead".

This is across the street from the Cima Hotel that has a tunnel under the street to the beach.

Bathrooms in the building with the mural.

Further along the Malecon.

Down by the fishermen. Quiet in the late afternoon, you need to be here early in the morning when they come in.

Rounding the bend, looking back at where we came from.

Hidden inside.

A cool breeze...

Pigeon-holed on Angel Flores.

Came across a photo shoot outside the library. The grey poodle has never done this before, her owner was on the sidelines encouraging her. There were two photographers with DSLRs and the girl in red with a phone.

Red dress had her very high strappy gold shoes on the side.

Today must have been grumpy bus driver day! The one going downtown decided to let us off a block further than we asked. But the guy coming home was nuts, cavalierly ignoring people waving him down, stopping way after others requested and in our case, even though we asked for Torres he chose to drop us at the RV park.

ABC Wednesday Letter E

We had our coffee and then decided to have a late breakfast downtown at another "new to us" spot that was on our radar.

It was busy when we got off the bus, John on the edge of the photo.
Donuts for sale.

John commenting on never noticing this white building architecture.

A cake in the window at Panama's.

This building/bougainvilla never fails to catch our eye.

Sidewalk decor.

La Antigua where the service, decor, ambiance, and food, including price was great. It is in a restored colonial home with an inner courtyard, where we sat. Oscar,our server was very professional and fun and spoke, Spanish, English and was studying French. He was delighted to practice with John.

The receipt came in an airmail envelope as well.

It is decorated with lots of antiques.

Every item on the menu is named after a place.

I had the Portofino (cooked mango and pineapple, topped with coconut and walnuts) crepes and John John had the Mexican omelet.

In the courtyard.

Entrance way.

And it is just around the corner from our other great breakfast find.

Crossing Plaza Machado. 


Waiting, waiting, waiting for a bus. We've never waited this long for a bus.

Finally! Love the decal, there was also one on the driver's side above the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

We decided to go down to the pool and read. We went for a swim and when we got out the winds had picked up and we soon headed upstairs.

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After our usually leisurely breakfast which includes blogging and catching up on  the news and visiting friends online we got ourselves ready to head out.

We took the bus and got off on the Malecon at Av. Insurgentes and walked down to the Gran Plaza.

I needed a haircut! $50 pesos or $3.48 CDN the cheapest I can do at home is about $22 CDN which would be $316 pesos.

We looked through some of the stores and ended up both buying t-shirts in Suburbia, a department store. Between us we bought five tops for about $60 CDN.

Malecon is Av. Del Mar and all those red hot spots are the Gran plaza, which has movies, laser room, ice skating, games rooms, restaurants and many shops including several department stores including a C&A.

Not sure where we wanted to eat and it was 1 PM we chose a random local spot where the blue X is on the map above. And it was windy sitting outside!

Looking back towards the Golden Zone, you can barely see McDonald's golden arch in the middle.

Faitas for John and surprise tostada ceviche cameron for me. This shrimp ceviche was very good although it didn't have as much shrimp as you get in some other places. There was a basket of tostadas as well, the best I've had.

I seem to be bus obsessed this week. Some of the buses have TVs featuring videos, recipes, music, exercise, art.

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Still quite cloudy but the wind died down overnight. John made delicious scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Today was grocery day, bus there and pulmonia back.

John made his delicious salsa for lunch with new nachos we discovered made in-house at Soriana's, they also made tostadas that look a lot like the ones I had yesterday. They're also much cheaper than the commercial brands. And how nice is that, having fresh fruit on the counter in February? The rest of the fruit and vegetables we bought are in the fridge.

Tostadas $1.18 CDN

Seems it was John's day to cook! Steak for dinner.


Found this online, a bookcase made from books.

Now this was a great read! The Middlesteins typical family dysfunctionality in the suburbs. Told by many characters, over many years, you will cry and laugh.

The House Swap was one of those average marriage dramas where you didn't really like any of the characters and the thriller part was rather convoluted.

A Question of Identity was a good read.

Started The Child and enjoying it as the separate stories begin to interweave.

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  1. YOu still seem to be having wonderous adventures in the sun — great idea to stay away from the Frozen North!

    best... mae at

  2. Your beautiful photos warmed me on this sunny day. Maybe next winter I'll escape to Mexico myself! I feel as if I've already seen a lot of its beauty through your pictures.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
    Sandy @ Writing With a Texas Twang

  3. Love your adventures. So funny about the bus drivers stopping where they want to! Good thing I can't buy all those buns for under $1 up here ... who could resist?? Love that airmail envelope menu.

  4. Another fab round-up of your week! I had to laugh at the soup, I could have done with that on a few occasions!

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. :)

  5. Fun places to wander - I always like food and interesting buildings but you got me with the bougainvillea over the building.

  6. What wonderful things you see. We had both a TV and a stereo like that. My mother still thinks of electronics as furniture. Funny, I've been eating a lot of Oreo flavored yogurt these days, I don't know about those Doritos though. If you have a chance please share all your cool photos by linking up at my Say Cheese! link up. As much as I love that cake it's my definition of "cheesy".

  7. It looks so warm there, so inviting. It's not as cold here as it is in Toronto but I can say I'm ready for very warm weather again.
    We went camping over a week ago and I managed to get the flu so I am late responding to anyone, I wanted to tell you I enjoyed reading about the barm brack your mother prepared. Loving this bread and hearing the history of it was very cool, so thank you!


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