Friday, February 15, 2019

Drinks, Anyone?


Six Word Saturday Mazatlan

We had three short power outages last night, but no worries, as we cook with gas. Had a flashlight with us as well as two cell phones available.

The morning started cloudy. That building in front are the new bathrooms which are great and saves a walk around the end of the palapa on the far left.

But it soon cleared and we grabbed a palapa at the far end.

Wedding setup in progress.

It clouded over again but at least winds didn't pick up as the wedding party started arriving around 3 PM.
Green dress is groom's mother.

Bridesmaids are in nude/gold.

Bride's mother in blue.

What a sunset after a day of flat grey skies.

Inspired Sunday Ireland
One Word Sunday Red
Lens-Artists Photo Challenge SHADOWS

A power failure as John cooked breakfast and we smirked as we use gas. OOPS what about the coffee pot??

We went to Mary's for a late lunch hamburger and then a walk along Sabalo and around Gaviotas.

Of course, and probably he will tell you "it's almost free", too.

Hope they have a large pot!

You always need to watch where you're going.

Dueling bands, and all are awful!

Foto Tunes Banda El Recodo
Monday Mural Malpica Mexico
Wordless Mazaltan

I messaged Noah at Tippy Toes to see if they were busy and he said come on in!

Major construction on Sixto Osuna outside Tippy Toes. Yup, a couple of guys kneeling on the road fixing cobblestones.

There was also a pair of rosary beads hanging from his mirror and a rosary bead decal along with a decal of Our Lady of Guadalupe, so we were well insured.

AND we had some entertainment.

John wanted shrimp at Chili Pepper's so we headed there after.

I wanted to try a molcajete and chose shrimp.

It is named for the dish it is served in. The Mexican molcajete is a kitchen tool that has been used for generations to grind and mash ingredients for creating salsas and guacamoles.

It contained four hunks of Mexican cheese, shrimp, jalapenos, onions and beans in a tomato sauce served with tortillas.

Back "home" and we decided we should do laundry. Laundry room is just over John's right shoulder where the fire extinguisher is.


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge Favourite Colour 
Tuesday Treasures  Mazatlan
Dutch's Tuesday Photo Challenge CRAWL

We had to request another fridge (had it replaced last week as well) as it wasn't getting cold enough. today they brought us a brand new one!

After lunch we took the bus about half way along the Malecon to check out some of the other monigotes that were installed.

I showed the first ones last week and will do a final recap when they are all installed.

The theme is "Equinox: The Rebirth of the Senses".

Butterfly...rebirth, got it.

The scarecrow, in sunshine today, instead of shade last week. I had said I couldn't see what he had to do with the theme. But I looked up the definition and
the time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth's equator, making night and day of approximately equal length all over the earth and occurring about March 21 (vernal equinox or spring equinox) and September 22 (autumnal equinox).

Therefore is he representing the fall or autumn equinox?

Then perhaps she is the spring equinox?

No ideas for this one.

Cool shadow selfie of us both.

Down by the cliff divers.

I wonder how much?

Mandated beer break.

Not the best micheladas we've ever had, by far.

In the ladies' room.

Not sure if he sells his twigwork.

Our walk on the Malecon, from there we meandered up to the bus stop, cutting through Plaza Machado.

Another breakfast spot recommended by Noah.

ABC Wednesday Letter F

We thought we would go to the Gaviotas Art Walk after lunch. So we bussed it to the "Dairy Queen", which is no longer there, it is now a massive construction project. I have heard that the DQ has a lease for a corner spot once the building is completed.

Let's just say that the Art Walk was a massive blah. Nuff said.

We walked to the beginning of the Malecon to see another new monigote or puppet.
My thoughts? Aztec/Mayan calendar?

We decided to walk to the second traffic light at Cava del Duero and get a pulmonia back.

Thursday Doors Copala Mexico

Breakfast was first on the agenda with a bus ride to the market and a stroll to El Portal de San Juan where we had eaten a few weeks ago.

Town hall is decorated for Carnaval.

Ice cream shop.

Display at El Portal de San Juan.

Stopped into one of the new art galleries.

I find this to be a rather dark image of Angel Flores.

Photo of the above painting.

We go through the market as John is t-shirt hunting.

 Cut up fruit with chili spice to sprinkle.

Then home for a late lunch. John made his signature salsa and guacamole.

Then steaks for dinner.

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Skywatch Friday Mazatlan

We opted for a palapa day after breakfast with coffee on the balcony and then sandwiches under the palapa.

After which we walked to the end of the street where, to our surprise, we were cross from our December resort, El Cid.

On the way back, some pretty tile work.

We had an early dinner to celebrate Bill's clean "bill" of health.
This was our first dinner at the Palapa this year and it was okay, but we all agree the food isn't as good as it used to be.


The Innocent Wife was a good read but the ending felt rushed and convoluted.

Based on a true story, The Report is a novel centered on an event which happened on March 3, 1943 at the Bethnal Green Tube station, which at the time also served as the local bomb shelter. Well-written and quite short, I wanted more background to the characters and their lives.

The Trespasser by Tana French did not fail to delight me. It's been a while since I read her and it was as good as always. Her command of a Dublin accent had me smiling the entire time.

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  1. The strange calendar sort of sculpture is fascinating.

  2. I hope you are also on Instagram. You have so many wonderful adventures!

  3. Lovely photos, as always. It seems there's no shortage of beautiful things to see and fun things to do in Mazatlan.
    I didn't get my act together in time to participate in Saturday Snapshot this week. I'll be back next weekend.

  4. The sunsets are breathtaking. You look soooo relaxed. How wonderful. The variety of sculptures were interesting and I'm always happy to see the sights of Mexico. I really need to get back to Tana French; I'm way behind.

  5. Amazing photos again! Keep enjoying yourselves out there. :)

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. x

  6. I do love a wedding! :) :) Bit flimsy, some of those outfits, but when in Rome...
    Cheers, Jackie!

  7. What a lovely wedding and sunset! Have a grat week!

  8. Great pics - especially the sunset. I actually had to google Mazatlan to see where it was, it's true what they say, you really can learn something new every day!

  9. Your weeks are always so sun filled (OK, except for that one rainy week that I remember). I do love peeking at people who are getting married or having wedding photos!


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