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Six Word Saturday Stitch in Time
Wit's End Photo Challenge MOTION

After lunch we took the bus to DQ to look for a church in the Gaviotas.
I had spotted the church on this map as I was struck by its name Sagrada Familia, the same as the famous Gaudi monstrosity in Barcelona.
Just a note that it was JOHN who suggested we look for it.

Found the church and a wedding!

We noticed that this was an interesting area with lovely homes.

Getting the evil eye.

The sun was too bright but the units on the left say Uno, Dos, Tres.

Click here to see more of the neighbourhood.

On our way back to Sabalo.

We walked back to Chili Pepper's and then got the bus.

Back "home" and we made micheladas.

John wanted a t-shirt with a pulmonia (he had bought one at the market the other day) and went to see "our" vendors, on the property. He talked to Domingo who said he would bring him some.
I spoke to Aurora, she and her husband sell jewelry and some beach clothing. I found a bracelet that I liked but it was too big and settled on another with a ring. I then asked her if she could change the clasp on my (Australian) bracelet, I had brought it with me, and she said yes. AND that she would fix the other bracelet to fit me!

Inspired Sunday Mazatlan
One Word Sunday Contrast
Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

Our mission today was the flea market in Juarez. We cabbed it there $150 pesos.
It was crowded! Everyone comes here to shop, it is much cheaper than the market in Centro, we've been told. There were some other Gringos there along with us but not many.

I saved the foodie photos for this post.
Click here to see lots more photos of the market.


I didn't "test" the donuts but have heard only great things about them.

A hungry family to feed.

The smell of this fresh fruit was incredible even amidst the other smells vying for your attention.

Gigantic gourds hanging around.

From the flea market we walked over to the municipal market which was extremely busy with people lining up for the butcher orders.

$15 pesos to the Canadian dollar and a kilo is 2.2 lbs for those inclined to work out the prices.

Along the street.

This chicken looked good!

We cabbed it back and said we would come back as we noticed interesting stuff on the ride.

Domingo brought John some pulmonia t-shirts and he bought 2 dos two duo deux shirts!

Aurora had my repaired bracelet and the new one fitted for me. 

We got dressed up and grabbed the bus around 6 for our dinner reservations at Water's Edge for 7.
The moon as we waited for the bus.

Town Hall aglow for Carnaval.

We came especially for their prime rib and were not disappointed.

Another reservation will be made for Sunday March 3, our last Sunday here!

On the way back through Plaza Machado we noticed a new Carnaval monigote. There is a ladder you can climb to get your photo taken. Note to self: dress in appropriate colours.

We also spotted another new one on the Malecon.

Foto Tunes Mazatlan
Monday Mural Juarez
Wordless Mazatlan

A quiet day with no photos! Reading and naps were on the agenda.
Again we didn't go to the weekly welcome party!!

Here's a photo of our vendors, they are more like family to the owners as many of them have been working here for over twenty-five years. One woman was saying good-bye to Aurora and mentioned to us that her grandmother used to buy from these same vendors.

Domingo is in the middle, Jesus to his left and Aurora is the tiny short woman on far right with the visor.


Tuesday Treasures
Dutch's Tuesday Photo Challenge SURFACE

I was under a palapa at 8:30 while John spoke to AeroMexico about upgrading our seats from Mexico City to Toronto.

When John came down I showed him how high the ocean had pushed the sand over the last few weeks. I had noticed on Sunday when I was waiting for Aurora and realized that I couldn't see people once they walked down to the water.

It is now a six foot plus drop down to the water's edge! You wouldn't be able to get back up!

We left the pool at lunchtime, the winds were so high it was crazy.

I forgot to post this video of the waves last week.

ABC Wednesday Letter G

We got the bus (after the first one blew by us) and got off at the market. Unusual for a Wednesday, there was a cruise ship in, 3,800 passengers and 1,200 crew.
So town was crowded.

Captured the ultimate tourists from the ship waiting for a tour. Her white sneakers were so white they were blinding.

Walk by it all the time and never took a photo.

Lunch at the Fish Market, a favourite, but we sat inside as the winds were wicked especially by the water.

Garlic shrimp for John, they were good but Chili Pepper's is still the best.

Ahi tuna on wonton. Once I scrapped the limp lettuce off it was delicious.

Then a brisk walk along the Malecon to find the latest monigotes or Carnaval puppets.
I'll group them together and then do the other photos from our walk.

Click here to see all the 2019 puppets with links to previous years.

I'm stumped on the Equinox theme on this one - rebirth of the senses???

I get this one.

Equinox - the time or date (twice each year) at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of equal length (about September 22 and March 20)

Nope, nada, I got nothing on this one.

La Mujer Mazatleca was created for the women of Mazatlán. This bronze statue was smelted in Mexico City to celebrate the women of Mazaltlán, locally reputed to be the most beautiful in the world. Gabriel Ruis, a composer from Jalisco, unveiled it. He is famous for writing a number of songs celebrating this coastal city, including "Mazatlán", "Nights of Mazatlán", and "Secret from Mazatlán."

We wander down to the plaza where the cliff divers jump from. There are none about as the wind and waves are too strong.

John tries his hand at chopping a coconut open.

The Continuity of Life fountain, depicting a naked man and woman poised on a snail shell — the Aztec symbol for continuity — surrounded by 13 dolphins representing intelligence.

Some Facebook comments:

John, are you pointing out that they used you as the model for this sculpture?

Leave it to you John to find the bizarre.


It was so windy that this restaurant shielded its customers like this.

Turkey vulture?

Simply named Mercado de Mariscos, it is a basic strip of concrete stands that the fishermen share with about a hundred pelicans. I never tire of this view.

Great shot, John!

While the freshly caught fish are gutted and cleaned, pelicans clamor for the scraps they know are coming.

Some neon-hued coconut candy on its way to be sold. The street stalls around the market are heaped with this in various colours.

Last stop.

We had a language problem and thought we had ordered a dozen plain (unstuffed) gorditas. This is our order being prepared.

When we got home we had four different fillings in our dozen, along with limes, radishes and a sauce. They were way too corny for me. John reheated them and found that the crispier they were the better. He ate them with hot sauce and sour cream.

Thursday Doors Mazatlan
A Photo a Week Challenge Black and White

It was bound to happen we had a rare grey overcast day, all day.

A friend mentioned on Twitter that the Jeopardy All Stars tournament had started and we found it online!!! So we can happily watch from here.

We may as well do groceries and then enjoy the rest of the day. John getting our bakery order.

Cilantro bread on bottom right.

After a really dull grey day we were treated to a magnificent sunset.

Pull Up a Seat Charlotte NC
Weekend Roundup Letter H
Weekend Reflections Mazatlan
Wit's End Weekly Photo Challenge Bright Colours
Skywatch Friday Mazatlan

After enjoying Jeopardy All Stars episode with a pastry and coffee and then a lunch of last night's lazy cabbage rolls leftovers we decided to go wandering.

We took the bus to the Fisherman's Monument (we actually got off earlier than this map shows).

We had no particular destination planned.

We found this small neighbourhood market that would be handy for us.

My back.

Back on the street.

This place looked like it would be worth a visit, he gave us a menu.

Random photos from both of us as things caught our eye.

We've seen this church before but it is a beauty.

We could see the Real Pacifico Brewery in the distance so decided to find the entrance.

It was first brewed in 1900 when three Germans opened a brewery, the Cerveceria del Pacífico, in Mazatlán. 
Jorge Claussen, German Evers, and other German immigrants to Mazatlan created a partnership that became the Cerveceria del Pacifico brewery.
Claussen and Evers are well-known streets in Mazatlan.

Its label includes a picture depicting a lifesaver encompassing a hill with the port's lighthouse hill, known locally as "Cerro del Crestón." In Mazatlán, the beer is available in four different size bottles: "cuartitos" (6 fl. oz), "medias" (12 fl. oz.), "ballenas" (32 fl. oz.) and "Ballenón" (1.2 L).

Alcohol content: 4.5 percent. "Clara" means clear, blonde, as opposed to "oscura" (dark).

The Pacífico brewery was bought by Mexican brewing giant Grupo Modelo in 1954, which was later acquired by the Belgian-Brazilian Anheuser-Busch InBev company.

Along Benito Juarez.

A stop to have a beer in Plaza Machado and soak up the wonderful sunshine with no winds! It was enjoyable watching the plaza coming to life for its Friday night.
Walking back to the bus stop, the light was perfect.

Another nice sunset.

Steaks for dinner with our cilantro bread slathered in garlic butter.

With only two weeks left we are planning what we need to get in. Definitely need a trip/lunch at the Shrimp Ladies, Stone Island, and Art Walk for this week.
Weekend plans made, laundry in the morning (I know, sigh, but it has to be done) then a late burger at Mary's. Sunday will be a big breakfast, late lunch and we will definitely be settled in to watch the Oscars.


The Vows of Silence, yes, another Susan Hill, and part of her Simon Serailler series. I like how there are at least two and even three stories woven in.

The Good Girl has mixed reviews but I enjoyed it. Yes, typical Stockholm Syndrome but the ending caught me by surprise.

Poolside I am trying to enjoy Anna's Book because I love Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine...

I went back to Susan Hill as I find her stories very satisfying and enjoy the continuation of the family dynamics. The Various Haunts of Men is the first in the Serailler series.

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  1. Gosh, you really have it in for Gaudi and Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Just another week for you in paradise before returning to...... a thaw?

  2. What an amazing place it is there. I did have to laugh at John attacking that coconut! 😂 🥥 The size of that blade though! #MMBC

  3. Such colorful beautiful photos- looks like a wonderful place to visit... thanks

  4. Your vivid photos brought a welcome burst of color to my dreary Pacific Northwest day! Thank you.
    I'm featuring photos from the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival on today’s Saturday Snapshot post.

  5. I needed this post today -- it's cold and very rainy and the snow is melting into ugly mush. I'm going to concentrate on your fresh food, good drinks, lovely jewelry, bright blue skies and pretty sights. Enjoy your last couple of weeks!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I am so jealous of your travels! That's great to be able to stay so long in one place.

  7. No shortage of fish around here, Jackie :) :) But it's time I went to the kitchen to cook supper. Spag bol tonight! Thanks, hon :)

  8. I love the colorful bras, actually all the colorful buildings too. The food always makes me hungry.
    Thanks for your well wishes regarding my flu. You know, Doug says he always feels like he's going to get a cold when he flies too. It's the recycled air so i will keep you guys in my thoughts as you fly back home.

    I looked up Susan Hill after you mentioned her. Is it the Simon Serrailler series?

  9. Jackie, just a handful out of your weekly journal: the white house has some nice decorative motives. How nice of Aurora to change the other bracelet for you! I'm curious ... haha you know what I was thinking ...your hand appeared with the bracelets:) What a fun market! Your capture of the sculpture Continuity and the Dolphins makes sense as a whole (not when separated). Happy for you that there was so much last week to enjoy - as well as my thanks for sharing your experiences! Have a good one!!


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