Friday, February 22, 2019

Weekend Roundup

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1. Starts with "H."
2. A Favorite
3.  HALF

Starts with "H"

Hanging out in Niagara Falls ON.


Heart-felt - around with a phone app this week.


Ha'Penny Bridge in Dublin Ireland.

Prior to the building of the Liffey Bridge, passenger ferries carried the people of Dublin across the River Liffey every day. When told by city officials that either his ferries would require substantial repairs or the city would need a bridge, ferry operator William Walsh elected for the bridge to be built, as long as he was entitled to a toll of a halfpenny (or ha’penny) from anyone crossing it for the next 100 years. True to their word, the city allowed him to extract the toll until 1919 when the turnstiles at either end were removed. By that time, the nickname had stuck.


  1. Nice H post. The hanging out guy is a great find and enjoy the Heart-felt picture. Have a great weekend!

  2. Jackie,'H'opped around for this week's roundup! Your 'H'alf is my favorite, what an interesting bit of 'H'istory. I 'H'ope that you are 'H'aving a great time on your 'H'oliday. Take care!

  3. I like your HaPenny Inn sign find, Jackie. The bridge shot is nice, the bridge looks exceptionally clean. They must wash it often, or paint it often. The combination buildings on the bank and the underpinnings of the bridge make nice Reflections, and a nice, unique picture.

  4. Very nice collection for the letter H!

  5. Nice post, Jackie. I really like the bridge and the reflection. Enjoy the week!

  6. That's a nice photo of the bridge. The ferry guy must've been an important guy to get his wishes honored for 100 years. Your "heart" photo is another example to me of the magic of apps. :-)


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