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Carnaval 2019

February 2019 - Mazatlan Mexico

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Mazatlan is the world's third largest carnival celebration. The town starts dressing itself up.

The 2019 theme is "Equinox: The Rebirth of the Senses".

A few weeks before Carnival starts, giant multi-coloured carnival figurines (called 'Monigotes', i.e. puppets) go up around town on the Malecon and in the Plaza Machado. These figurines are based on the theme of the current year's carnival.

But apparently, the figurines this year are not quite the same as in previous years. According to a survey by the newspaper El Debate, there are many locals and tourists who are not happy with this year’s Monigotes.

Some of those interviewed said that they really do not see a connection of some of the figures – like a scarecrow or an indigenous doll – with the Carnaval.

This year the Carnaval theme is Equinox, and some figures are related to the sun and moon, but many people said that it would be easier to understand the figures with a brief explanation of each design.

I really think that previous years' “monigotes” were of better quality, fashioned out of ” papier-mache” while this year they are made of fabric and wire frames. Also previous designs were more creative and colorful representing the joy of Carnaval.

There have also been newspaper reports stating that this year's puppets were much more expensive than previous years.

Click here for a fun local's take on some of the puppets. Noah Lentz is a Mazatlan photographer/graphics designer whom we first met at Tippy Toes.

UPDATE - my friend Carol, got most of the titles which were added later. Check her blog here.

And over at Plaza Machado.


Another puppet went up later along the Malecon.

Click here to see some of the preparations for the big weekend.


  1. The lesson being don't mess with a successful formula.

    1. Too true, William. I updated the post with collages of previous years.


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