Saturday, October 17, 2015

inSPIREd Sunday

Sally hosts inSPIREd Sunday!

September 2015 - Adare Ireland

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This is the only recorded Trinitarian monastery in Ireland. It was originally built by the Fitzgerald Clan for the Trinitarian order of monks in the early 13th century. This order of friars was founded in France, following the Holy-Land Crusades, with the main purpose of raising ransom money in order to rescue Christian captives taken by the Moors, during the crusade wars.


It is believed that the Trinitarian monks who came to Adare may have come from Scotland. The monastery was suppressed and badly damaged during the reign of King Henry VIII. Repaired and enlarged in the mid 19th century, the building is, today, called the "Holy Trinity Abbey" and is used as the local Roman Catholic Church. A visit to this historical and beautiful building is highly recommended.

There is no record of the precise date of the foundation but sources suggest that it was established between 1230 and 1240. Dissolved in 1560’s, the Abbey eventually became a ruin. In 1809 the 2nd Earl of Dunraven restored the ruins of the Trinitarian Abbey and gave it to the Catholic Church in Adare. No major structural changes have taken place since 1884 though several modifications and much development have happened during that time.


  1. There are a lot of beautiful gems like this in Ireland, I really need to go back there again

  2. Such an important and interesting history! I'm glad people restored some of these or we'd never have known about them. I'd never heard of that order of monks. What an important mission they had. Thanks for this post. I'd love to visit this some day.


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