Saturday, November 7, 2015

Palm Springs Sculpture Garden

October 2015 - Palm Springs CA

Click here for more photos from our visit to the garden.

This sculpture garden is tucked away behind the palm trees that line highway 111 beside the Art Museum.

Set in a lushly landscaped desert oasis of water features, native plants and winding walkways dotted with natural rock benches, the sculpture garden houses the art of modern masters, including works by Donald Judd, Betty Gold, Yehiel Shemi , Felipe Castaneda, Jesús Bautista Moroles, Dan Namingha, Gio Pomodoro, and Dave McGary.

The 250,000 square feet of sculpted, rolling landscape is covered with native plantings, winding pathways, and water features.

I thought I recognized this young lady!! I believed we had seen it in Sante Fe NM years ago.

The title is Walks Among The Stars by Dave Mc Gary. It is the second bronze in the Native American Women series. It depicts a late 18th century Lakota woman displaying her beautiful heirloom star quilt. As the Indian Wars ended and the North Plains tribes faced relocation to reservations, the Sioux women began making patchwork, quilts as replacements for traditional buffalo robes. Today, the star quilt is a symbol of prestige, sentiment, belonging and status within the contemporary Lakota culture.

Palm Springs

I knew it! I looked through my Santa Fe photos and there she is! I swear it's the same maiden in 2006.

And I had posted it back in 2013.

Santa Fe

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  1. Gorgeous! I love sculpture and I especially enjoy deserts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Walks Among The Stars really stands out beautifully!

  3. Another interesting place in Palm Springs.

  4. What a beautiful statue and quilt. Your new header picture has made me feel very much at home.

  5. Amazing sculpture, especially Walks Among The Stars. What a beautiful outdoor museum.

  6. What a beautiful garden! I love the sculptures, too. So cool that you saw the star quilt one twice, in two locations!

  7. Amazing creation. Wonderful art work.
    Thank you for showing.


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