Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 8 Frankfurt to Toronto

September 23 2015 - Frankfurt Germany

This is our last morning in Frankfurt, we have checked in online and will leave for the airport around 2 PM.

It is a gorgeous sunny day as we head out for breakfast. We walked to the food court or Marktalle and had yummy pastries and coffee.

We decide to go for a walk towards the Opera Square. Why didn't we have these blue skies yesterday!!

A better view of yesterday's dinosaur.

Museum that the dinosaur calls home.

Entrance to a subway station that we saw yesterday.

Blue sheep?

These private bankers certainly have nice offices.

The Corkscrew.

The Opernplatz (Opera Square) is located directly in front of the Old Opera House in Frankfurt Germany. This attractive square features stunning views of the the Opera House and the Deutsche Bank twin towers.

Along the Zeil.

Coffee break

On the way back to the hotel I want to find the Euro sign that I had spotted yesterday. Voila!
The sculpture, by the German artist Ottmar Hörl, was constructed in 2001 in the lead-up to the introduction of euro bank notes and coins in January 2002.

Back at the hotel we laze around watching BBC. We had requested late check out at 2 PM.

Once we check in we head to the Air Canada Maple leaf Lounge.

On board with our sparkling wine.

Our menu, we are in row 9 and they have already run out of the beef fillet. Really AC??? You did the same thing on the flight over. Can you not count over ten???

On time, uneventful flight and our luggage comes off in priority order.

Home, and for me, bed.

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  1. Some of the architecture, the older stuff, really suits me. So does the dinosaur!


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