Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 6 Berlin to Frankfurt

September 21 2015 Berlin to Frankfurt

Up early, finish packing and check out. Then a taxi ride to Berlin Hauptbahnhof train station called the HOF.
No way am I dragging suitcases for 40 minutes!!!

And what a train station!

Soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, city planners began work on a transport plan for reunified Berlin.

n June 1992 the federal government decided that the new station should be built on the site of Lehrter Bahnhof. Lehrter Bahnhof (Lehrte Station) opened in 1871 as the terminus of the railway linking Berlin with Lehrte, near Hanover, which later became Germany's most important east-west main line.

Following heavy damage during World War II, limited services to the main station were resumed, but then suspended in 1951. In 1957, with the railways to West Berlin under the control of East Germany, Lehrter Bahnhof was demolished,

We are booked on the  11:28 AM train arriving 15:44. We are in first class.

First order of business is to find breakfast.

Then we figure out where to cath our train. Very easy to find everything we need, it is all well labelled.

There are so many shops in here it would be really easy to spend a lot of money!

All Aboard!

We arrive right on time in Frankfurt. It is an eight minute walk to our hotel.

Wyndham Grand Frankfort

Located in downtown Frankfurt, Germany, close to the banks of the Main River, the Wyndham Grand Frankfurt is a modern, urban hotel with innovative and sophisticated spaces. Designed for business and leisure travelers, the downtown hotel is conveniently situated in the financial and banking district and close to the most popular Frankfurt attractions, and very accessible to the Frankfurt Airport. With its modern architecture and stylish design and panoramic views of the skyline, this first class urban resort delivers a refreshingly chic, yet warm and friendly, atmosphere - ideal for guests wishing to relax after a day of meetings or exploring Frankfurt.

I think this lamp cutout outside the elevators is awesome!

We check in and relax until it is time to go to dinner.
The view from our room. The rounded roofs on the left are the train station.

 Our room, John demonstrating how the TV turns.

 I had made our dinner reservation before we left.

 It is a 25 minute walk to the restaurant so we leave about an hour early to stroll there.
Take any Bridge crossing the river, direction "Alt-Sachsenhausen". You´ll find the main entrance next to the northside "Affentor-Haus" ("Affentorplatz").

We headed out, turned left then right and crossed this bridge.

As we walked alongside the river we noticed that the trees were wrapped to commemorate people killed during the Holocaust.

 There are many bridges along the way.

Eiserner Steg, known as the Iron Footbridge was erected in 1868-69 by a private company of citizens as a third bridge across the Main connecting the center of Frankfurt with Sachsenhausen.

Apfelweinwirtschaft Dauth-Schneider
D-60594 Frankfurt am Main, Alt-Sachsenhausen
Neuer Wall 5-7 / Klappergasse 39
Telephone: +49 69 613533

All Frankfurt guide books tell you the following:

Frankfurt is known for its apple wine or cider (Apfelwein), and many centuries old historic taverns offer genuine regional dishes and Frankfurt and Hessian specialities with "ebbelwoi" Bembels of all sizes – don’t miss the refreshing Grüne Sosse (Green Sauce) or, at least try the pungent Handkäs'(hand cheese)... cider taverns are very "gemütlich", inexpensive and always a lot of fun.

We did, as any self-respecting tourist would, ordered a glass of apfelwien. Nope, just didn't like it, despite our server trying to convince us that it would grow on us.

We stroll back to our hotel and this is our night view. Lit up in the middle is the old part of town that we'll see tomorrow.


  1. I do love the Hauptbahnhof in Berlin. I've only been to Frankfurt once, but wasn't super impressed. More of a financial city than a touristy place. I am interested in seeing more of it though. Maybe I missed out! :)

    1. Didn't love Frankfurt either. Two days was enough.

  2. The pedestrian bridge caught my eye.

  3. Fabulous station ..I would love to have a look around 😊

  4. I haven't been to Frankfurt, so thanks for the chance to see it through your eyes.


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