Friday, October 30, 2015

Sepia Saturday

This week's prompt for Sepia Saturday

Since I couldn't come up with any photos that had a mirror in them, I decided to go with adults dressing up.

This was a Halloween party I hosted in Montreal around 1974 or 1975.
That is my sister on the far left (cave woman) and my mother smoking the cigar in the bottom row.

My Dad, being molested, sitting on the couch.

My sister had brought her relatively new boyfriend, Tim to this party. Tim and I are recently back in touch and share memories of my sister. They didn't go out a long time but she was probably his first love and has very fond thoughts of her.

I shared this photo with Tim and he sent me his heart-felt memories of that evening.
I remember that night & party at your place very well. It sure was cool wearing that flimsy "Fred Flintstone" outfit. Urs and I spent that day at your folks making the outfits ourselves. I must have definitely been in love with your sister for her to convince me to wear that costume!! We did have a good laugh en route when we had to stop for gas looking like that!! We made a prior stop at my house in Beaconsfield to allow me the chance to introduce Urs to my parents for the first time (it was 1 of our first dates). I remember that she was so shy & embarrassed to meet my parents wearing her Wilma outfit.


  1. Your dad must have had guts to get dressed up like that!

  2. Hilarious photos. I'm not sure who is funnier -- your cigar-smoking mother or your sexy dad.

  3. Your mother's disguise is pretty good. Guess she and your Dad swapped clothes.

  4. Not everybody has a picture of their parents in drag! Looks like a great party!

  5. What treasures! You are so lucky to have photographs of your parents having fun!

  6. I like the way your parents switched sexes with their "costumes."

  7. What fun! Your Mom & Dad did a great job dressing up as each other. What a hoot!

  8. Ha! you must have all had a great laugh!

  9. That looks such a happy time - great memories of fun-loving parents.


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