Friday, May 8, 2015

Saturday Snapshot

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February 2015 - Bangkok Thailand

 In the heart of Bangkok lies a huge network of canals where hundreds of people go about their daily lives, while on other side of the Chao Praya the huge skyscrapers of the financial district seem a world away.

Waiting to board our boat with some trepidation.

These are called long-tail boats and are usually decked out with flowers for good luck. Not the best for taking photos as it was around noon and the canvas overhead was in the way. If I did it again I would go before sunset.

The long-tail boat, known as Ruea Hang Yao in the Thai language,is a type of watercraft native to Southeast Asia, which uses a common automotive engine as a readily available and maintainable power source.

The engine!

As we start out I am puzzled with the comparisons to Venice.

A souvenir vendor.

There are temples.

There are restaurants.

And there is ordinary daily life with laundry.

Yikes! Lots of laundry!

Window gardening


  1. Same city... but different worlds.

  2. Great shots! I love canals....thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing photos. I was struck by the contrasts -- a meager home with a satellite dish on the roof! What an adventure this must have been.
    My Saturday Snapshot post is HERE.

  4. What a neat slice of life along the water !

  5. I am stuck at the difference constast between the business district and the ordinary peoples homes
    I really like the paint job on the longboat in your 3rd photo

  6. Looks like a really cool day! The boat vendors are funny :)

    - Linking over from Saturday Snapshots

  7. Such beauty....

    So so cool...

    ​Here is my Snapshot post​

  8. These are some awesome scenes!

  9. Colourful little boats ply the canals. And the temples are very pretty. I am amazed at the window box gardens hanging right over the water.


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