Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Walks - Toronto Doors Open

May 2015 - Toronto ON

We went to Doors Open on Saturday and had planned to go back on Sunday, but there wasn't that much that interested us and was open on Sunday so we skipped it.

We also went into the Soldiers' Tower, click here.
I used some of our photos for Sunday Scavenger Hunt, click here.
Click here for some photos of the Munk building we visited last year.
Click here for the some other photos from last year. And a reflection.

Some rather odd photography exhibits - part of CONTACT. Click here for another CONTACT show.


  1. Lovely walk! I haven't been to Toronto in about 10 years ... I'm a much better photographer than I was then. I should plan a return visit.

  2. Beautiful shots. One of these years I have to come down for that weekend. I'd love to take in some of the Toronto version. Our Doors Open is in a couple of weeks.

  3. That was fun! Thank you very much for joining me. Sorry I wasn't able to follow up more quickly :)

  4. What an enjoyable virtual walk, which maybe one day I can do some of in real life!


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